Necessities You Will Need This Winter

The winter months are fast approaching – if they don’t feel like they’ve already arrived – and certain areas are predicted to experience unusually cold temperatures. Make sure you’re well prepared by checking off the items from the list so you can survive comfortably in the cold.

A Reliable Winter Coat

Number one on the list for a good reason, a reliable and warm winter coat is your first line of defense against the biting conditions. And it’s not just the cold you should consider either, rain and even snow can saturate some materials making their insulating properties practically zero.

You needn’t have to sacrifice on style, modern bubble coats provide excellent protection from all the elements, including windproof zippers, and are available in stylish modern designs. We recommend choosing one with a hood – detachable or fixed – to keep your head warm and dry. The padded construction of bubble coats is unparalleled in their heat retaining properties and they are available in a range of lengths to suit your needs.

Thermal Base Layers

Depending on your winter activities, a solid base layer is a great way to stay warm when out in the cold. We can draw inspiration from mountaineers and alpinists in the way they use layers to their advantage.

The generally accepted rule is that there are three required layers when facing harsh climates. The wicking base layer should be breathable and draw moisture away from your skin.

When trying to stay warm, water is your worst enemy, especially against your skin. As water evaporates, it pulls heat from your body and cools you down so it’s crucial your underlayer garments stay dry.

The mid insulating layer should be focused on keeping you warm and the outer shell layer should keep you dry. For most people, combining the outer two layers with an effective coat should be adequate.

Winter Footwear

Your extremities are the first parts that will feel the cold as temperatures drop. Your body constricts capillaries in your hands and feet in an effort to keep your core temperature up. For this reason, it can be a battle to keep fingers and toes warm but thankfully there are some great footwear options on your side.

Tired of wet feet while out on his hunting trips, the founder of L.L. Bean, Leon Leonwood Bean, developed the duck boot in 1911. Combining the waterproof properties of rubber boots for the lower portion and the stability and durability of leather for the upper, the duck boot is a great all round winter boot – and they’re currently having a moment in the fashion spotlight too.

Warm Gloves

Winter gloves pose a different challenge. Whereas feet are happy enough staying cosy in sturdy boots, depending on what you’re doing, your hands require more dexterity. Huge warm mittens will certainly keep your digits toasty, but you might struggle counting out your change at the supermarket.

You have a choice of materials when deciding on which winter gloves to opt for. Leather gloves make an ideal “second skin” and can be treated with a number of wax products to up the waterproof factor. For the style conscious, leather gloves also have a sophisticated look.

Another option is a man-made material like Gore-Tex which when combined with warm insulation provides dexterity and a defense against the elements. Touch screen compatible gloves have a conductive material woven into the fingertips so you can still use your smartphone while wearing them and you don’t need to remove them to make a call.

Weatherproof Luggage

Keeping yourself dry is the priority, closely followed by keeping your possessions dry and safe, especially if you are carrying around an expensive laptop. There are a number of good options for winter backpacks and bags, the most effective tend to be roll-top dry bags.

These were originally designed for use on boats and made of waterproof materials. Rolling down the top of the bag creates an airtight seal – also trapping in some air which helps the bag stay buoyant.

Don’t be caught out this winter by the cold and wet weather. Make sure you’re well prepared with the items on this list.