Panerai Submersible : Bronzo 47mm Vs Carbotech Watch 42mm

Bronzo and Carbotech are two of the most popular and robust editions of the Panerai Submersible with a traditional touch as having an oversized crown Bridge and a traditional case.

Both watches have their class and unique characteristic, individually these watches are famous for being a premium Panerai. The tag Panerai is not only just printed over the watch, but the timepiece has to be passed through different stages before acquiring the tag. If somehow, these watches could talk, we can think of a great story to hear from them.

The Panerai Submersible is one of the most robust and durable editions of Panerai, When it was initially launched it got famous among watch enthusiasts all over the world withing a few months and still is known for the quality and precision rate.
Many of the submersible versions were scene with time, as the brand never hands down in inventing new technicalities for the watches, so to enhance the timepiece for its customer.

Numerous models of submersible were launched, but the two of the most famous of them is the Carbotech and the bronze model. These two are just pieces of art. As they have completely individual personalities so there is no chance of making one prior to the other but let’s see what are these complications and how Panerai managed to fine-tune it within these timepieces.


The heavy-duty timepiece, robust, and timeless prestigious piece of aesthetic watch. For the very first time in the history of Panerai, a timepiece was seen with a bronze case . Working on bronze is just a skill on the past of expert watch designers. The bronze case with dark brown bezel rings and the dial looks even more masculine and magnificent.

The bezel ring of this timepiece is made of ceramic material to make this watch virtually indestructible and scratchproof.

The overall timepiece looks minimalistic yet magnificent. The bezel ring contains enhanced engravings and the dial is so much beautifully finetuned in the case . If we observe the little details using a magnifier, You can’t find a minor mistake in manufacturing and any bending corner, The bezel ring has a cut edges to give it a strict grip.

Technical Features

P.9010 caliber ensures the smooth working of the watch. It is a enhanced in-home caliber by the brand which is optimzed to provide more precision rate than any of the Panerai watch. This timepiece is based on mechanical movement and offers a 3-day power reserve time, which is more than enough for a timepiece having this much complication.

Incabloc antishock technology protects the case against intense shocks, like while driving and diving. the case back is brushed titanium while the whole case is covered with bronze material.

The water resistance level of this timepiece is more than 300 meters, which gives it a boost in the list of top-rated diving watches.


The High-tech timepiece of the series builtin fully with carbon tech material in matte black with blue indexes gives it a full hologram touch. The overall timepiece reflects a high-tech functional watch look while maintaining the traditional touch of rich heritage within the timepeice. The carbon tech material used in its manufacturing, this factor offers extreme lightness and robustness. This thing makes the timepeice exclusive Panerai.

This watch comes with a super-comfortable Caoutchouc Blackstrap, which enhances the timepiece look and provides more comfortability to the wearer.

Technical Features

In addition to its bold design, this timepiece is functional as well. The date function is also featured in this timepiece at 3 o’clock and in addition to the hours/minute marker, the second marker is in the split-second dial, beautifully embedded in it.

As discussed earlier, the case of this watch is made of Carbotech material and the case back is pure titanium.

To ensure an extreme level of readability, the luminescent material is coated over the hours and minute marker and also on the indexes.

So, the timepiece will remain legible even in dark.

A sports watch and without a water resistance feature is not possible, but this watch provides more than a regular water blocking system . but the case is designed to force the water to remain outside and even a single drop can’t reach the internal mechanism.