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8 Craft Room Storage Ideas When You’re On A Budget

Having a dedicated craft room or studio in your home is exciting. This is where your creativity will flourish and everything you need is within reach. Thinking of effective and creative storage solutions will help you think clearly and be able to utilize the space you have. When it comes to storage, it can be creative, thrifty yet functional. We’ve compiled several storage solutions you can do for your craft room. Whether you already have a craft room or looking for inspiration, these storage solutions come in handy.

Wood crates

When it comes to sturdy storage, a wood crate might come to mind. You can stack them up or mount them to the wall and turn them into shelves. You can also add some wheels so it turns into a rolling bin. You can place your paint tubes and tubs so it’s easier to organize. You may also use wooden crates to store your heavy-duty and bulky supplies, like a mini sewing machine or your cutting mats.

Make use of an ottoman

Time to transfer living room storage ottoman to your craft room. Your ottoman can double as a seat, even a mini side table to showcase your craft. When you lift the top part of an ottoman, this should give you a generous amount of space. You may safeguard some electronics to give them full protection, like glue guns, and even hazardous tools like scissors and palette knives. Keeping them inside an ottoman keeps your space safe, especially if you have kids.

Get a pegboard

A pegboard is the most flexible storage solution you can have. You can easily install one against the wall, and choose from wood, plastic, or metal. If you want a gift wrapping station, having a pegboard can help you make it come to life. You can place hooks, shelves, and containers on a pegboard. You can also detach them if you want a different setup. Your pegboard also doubles as an aesthetics board.

Install some rails

Having rails can automatically step up your craft room. Rails can hold your fabrics, gift wrappers, and rolls and present them more neatly. You can stack the rods vertically so it doesn’t look cluttered. You can make use of shower rods and upcycle them into a roll dispenser.

Storage drawers

When it comes to supplies that you frequently use, having a dedicated storage drawer for them is useful. If you’re on a budget, a plastic drawer will suffice. These are also recommended since they are transparent. You won’t have time looking where you placed your supplies because you can already see them from the outside. Storage drawers will also keep all sorts of paper from getting wrinkled. You can also install some wheels so you can easily transfer your drawer from one point to another.

Use some mason jars

Aside from being kitchenware, a mason jar can be your all-around container for your crafts. You can just put them on a tabletop or place all the jars in a basket. You may also display them on top of your shelves like a candy store. A mason jar makes a chic stationery container for your paintbrushes, pencils, and rulers. You can also put your rolled yarns, laces, and even mini washi tapes. The best part? Mason jars are cheap and easy to find.

Upcycle your baskets

Turn your fruit baskets into a chic storage solution. You can place your huge knitting yarns or use it to group smaller containers. You can also use round baskets to keep rolls upright. Baskets are easy to transport and also functions as a nice room decor. Maximize different sizes and shapes of baskets to bring more life to your craft room.

A mini cabinet

When it comes to little supplies, like beads and stones, craft storage drawers can help you keep them together. This is different from the storage drawer we mentioned earlier. Having dedicated storage for your little knick-knacks can help your cleanup faster. For example, a mini acrylic cabinet will keep them in place and organized. You can place it on top of your craft table so it’s within your reach or mounts it to the wall. Some mini acrylic cabinets have 12 drawers, and even more! It’s up to you to choose which one will fit your needs.

Thinking of storage solutions can be fun!

Your craft room is a safe space and a haven. Whatever your craft room looks like reflects the owner’s personality and attitude. When it comes to your craft room, having a functional yet creative storage solution is a must. These are just some affordable and chic storage ideas that you can use. Some of them can be already found around your home. Your craft room will be more organized and neat with these suggestions.