Raising A Child as A Father

We’ve got to be honest – some dads don’t give much thought or time to raising their young ones as long as they can provide for them and the family. Well, the job shouldn’t be left to the mummy – the baby needs their father in their lives as much as they do their mum. You may need to dedicate more time to spending more time with your child and helping them grow rather than watching them grow from a distance. Here’s how you can involve yourself and make sure that your baby grows up knowing that their daddy is right by their side:


Charity begins at home, but so does love, kindness, respect and every other virtue. Your children will often look at you as someone to emulate. They are determined to become like you because they look up to you and practically worship you. They will try to adapt your habits, speak like you, reason like you and just be you.

The best way to teach children how to love and respect each other is by doing the same for your spouse. It does not matter if you live with them or not, every chance you get with them, show them by doing. Sons have been known to treat women in their adult years the same way their father treated their mother. Daughters will learn that they deserve to be respected and loved the same way their dad did their mom.


Conversations are often underrated, and not many people understand how they have the power to change the course of anyone’s life. As a dad, this is going to be one of the most effective ways to teach your children and instil moral values in them.

When you get the chance, sit the kids down and talk to them. Even when they are young, they will learn to listen and try to understand what you are telling them. Talk to them about life, about reality, family history, precious family moments, stories from before they were born and anything else.

Take time to explain to them your understanding of life and the foundations of human society. Make it fun and livid, and teach a lesson every time.


Time could be a tricky thing especially for dads who are always working, but parenting can barely be considered complete if the dad doesn’t create time for their children. You don’t want to miss their childhood and suddenly wake up one day realizing that they are adults that you barely know.

If you take some time off work once in a while, you can hold your babies and let them hear your voice and know how they smell. When they are preschoolers, you have fun carpool as you drive them to school or pick them up in the evening. You can attend their school games and be there for the father-daughter dance. You can get toys and play with them before they are too old for that or help them to choose on the selection of toddler dresses for them. You can go to the shelter and help them choose a puppy.

Time with your children is great for teaching and learning too. You get to understand them and know them. You can teach them important life lessons just by being there with them. You can answer their questions and let them know that you will always be there for them.


Fathers are not exactly known for their affection, especially with their sons. It is not easy to understand why, but the truth of it is that children will develop better emotional and mental health when their parents are affectionate. They will not need to go to any lengths to try and catch your attention or prove that they deserve your love. No child should ever have to go through that.

Tell them that you love them any chance you get. Let them know that you will always be there for them. Let them know that you are proud of them when they achieve something. Be their biggest cheerleader and give them the support they need.


Fathers are teachers. They are the ones who show you how to do things for the first time. They are not particularly popular for their Maths homework skills, but they are excellent in teaching important hard and soft skills.

For instance, you should be the one to show your children how to change a tire. Teach them how to do home DIYs. Show them how to set up a lemonade stand, make money, save and spend it. Teach them how to tie a tie or wear their boy shoes and how to groom the dog. Show them how to fix the leaking tap and even a broken vacuum.


The best way to teach has always been by example. You are a leader in your family, and so the children are looking up to you for some guidance. Do they want to know how to treat their mom? They will watch how you treat her. They wanna know how to solve conflicts with their friends? They will watch how you treat yours. They will start using your language and carry on with your habits when they are older. If you teach them to walk past the homeless. They will do it later as adults and not feel bad. If you show them that family comes first, they will always put it first.

In conclusion, dads are the teachers in every child’s life. They lead and the kids follow. Everything you do in their presence is something they learn. Spend time with them and watch them grow. Let them know that you love them, and teach them to understand that family will always have their back. Most importantly, remember that your job as a dad is never done – they will always be your children even when they have families of their own.