See-Through Blouse Ideas That Will Make You Look Stylish

See-through blouses, also known as sheer blouses, have an alluring sense in the manner in which they display a touch of skin. Sheer blouses are a great wardrobe accessory and very versatile meaning that they can be okay for any setting if worn appropriately.

Because of its sheer nature, you need to know how to wear a see-through blouse as they can prove a bit tricky to pull off and you do not want to come off as risque but rather, sophisticated and sexy at the same time.

Here are a few ideas on how to wear a sheer blouse that will make you look really stylish.

Select The Right Colors or Patterns

A see-through blouse in a solid color such as black or white should be a great look when worn with accessories that have more muted tones. Sheer blouses worn with patterns such as polka dots will make you look really stylish while adding a sense of coverage without taking away the see-through aspect of your outfit.

Add on a Layer or Two

If the thought of exposing your skin by wearing a sheer blouse makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, you can always wear it with a jacket or a blazer so that you can be a bit more conservative. This will allow you to reveal a touch of skin without having to expose a whole lot of it.

Also, consider the fact that just because its a sheer blouse does not mean that it necessarily has to be see-through. There are sheer blouses made out of less revealing fabrics such as silk that have a sense of sheerness and opacity all at the same time.

Wear A High Waisted Skirt or Pants

If you do not desire to have your belly seen through your sheer blouse you can choose to wear a high waisted skirt or pants with your blouse. They will do a great job in concealing your belly button and will give your stomach area added support. Plus high waisted outfits are fantastic for showing off your body’s midriff.

Keep It Fully Buttoned But Loose

Buttoning your see-through blouse all the way will make you look very sharp and elegant. For an even more professional look, you can wear the blouse with a pencil skirt and have it tucked in. However, keep in mind that see-through blouses look best when loose so the more fitting your sheer top is, the more risque your outfit looks.

Well Thought Out or Just Sheer Luck

One of the things you need to consider as you prepare your outfit is whether or not you are going to be wearing anything underneath the see-through blouse. It all depends on how much visibility the sheer blouse allows.

A good idea will be to do a dry run of the overall outfit and whether you plan on changing it during the time you’re out and away from home. To avoid winging it, wear your full outfit and check to see how it looks and if anything needs to be fixed to avoid an avoidable wardrobe malfunction.