Some Deadly Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Your Summer Footwear 2021

Shoes are an essential part of the outfit. Yet, shoes are where most outfits go wrong! Read on to learn more about how to avoid shoe mistakes this summer!!

Have you ever felt that instant surge of power when you hear your heels clatter against the solid floor – the sound that assures you that you are going to own the room the moment you walk in? Imagine, if that sound of your heels alone can bring that much confidence, what could happen if that same pair of shoes matched your outfit, the lighting, and the overall energy of the environment you are in? You can never pull off that desired look by just wearing that well-thought-out attire without the perfect pair of footwear. Your shoes hold the power to either make or break the entire look of your outfit for the day.

Meanwhile, with summer at our heels, we can step into quite a messy situation if we don’t choose our summer footwear carefully. We have put together some looks and tips on rocking that summer look – complete with the right shoes!.

The All-Black Personality.

Your clothes dictate your personality. The whole bright, light and airy vibe rule supreme in the summer and temporarily replaces the little black dress as the reigning look. That is because of the simple scientific fact that dark colors absorb heat. Having owned several perfect black dresses, I get the idea of the confident and chic feeling you get while wearing those black boots with your black leather jacket, but even I cannot bring myself to torture my poor body in that 80-degree weather. Fashion does not have to be painful, and that’s my motto for the summer. Therefore, it’s time for you to hang up everything in black and embrace the vibrant colors and rock that VIBGYOR.

Let Your Feet Breathe.

Summer is the only time when you can let your toes out through those toe-thongs and flip-flops. Why deny your feet that much-needed comfort when you can dress up the comfort with the latest fashion trends? There are many types of shoes that will feed your fashion curiosities and save you from the icky feeling of sweaty feet. Ever wondered why you need to keep your feet out of the blanket even in the winter to sleep peacefully? Let me answer it. When your feet are warm, you feel hot because your feet have a large skin surface area and lots of blood vessels underneath them. When your feet are wrapped up in a blanket, those blood vessels cannot lose any heat due to the lack of convection current. Hence, your body temperature rises. This is also the reason why we wear thick socks in winter, to trap heat inside. In the summer, you will need to let your feet breathe to cool your body off. This is why it is a good idea to invest in a nice pair of flip-flops this summer.

Material Makes All The Difference.

Are you a leather completist? It’s alright if you are. We all have our little obsessions! The trick is to control those urges and stop yourself from overdoing them. This way, you have a healthy balance of savoring those simple day-to-day pleasures and keeping yourself at bay from going over the top!.

As much as we love leather, we will have to be careful with it during the summer. They can get very hot and sweaty and is not the best for many outdoor summer activities. Lets’ keep our leather footwear for the boardroom and indoors!

Moreover, leather shoes will weigh you down because of that heavyweight, which is the total opposite of the vibe you should be going for in summer. So, save yourself some money and skip the expensive leather for the summer! Go for fabric-based shoes for excellent light footwear for any occasion.

Which Types of Shoes Should You Go For?

To choose what type of shoes you might need this summer, first you have to ask yourself, “What are the places that I will probably visit this summer?”. Well, shoe shopping doesn’t have a time limit so you can buy them whenever you need them. Let’s explore some common places you will be going to this summer.

If I were you, the first place that will come to my mind is,

The beach. The beach consists of water and a lot of sand. In water, there might be coral reefs and shells and also dirt. So you need something waterproof to save you the effort to wash and dry your shoes and something that sharp objects will not easily damage. Rubber shoes will be the best in this case. It has excellent resistance and durability. It’s elastic, waterproof, and perfect.

Work. If you are looking for that sophisticated yet sexy appearance, I suggest you go with simple 2-inch block heels for that everyday stylish yet comfortable look. That should help you look effortlessly elegant.

House. During summer, it’s best if you stay away from those soft, cotton, or woolen slippers. That will make you sweat more. Instead, go with foam sandals that will not be as cute, but comfort is essential at home, right?

Grocery Shopping. This is the best time to let your feet rest, be it grocery shopping or a typical day at a park or cafe. Think of it as a bit of me-time for your feet because no one will judge you for being casual at that moment. Flat-soled shoes, runners, or simple flip-flops are the best to treat your feet.

Occasional Parties. In this category, you can always let go of the rules and treat yourself every once in a while. However, if you are afraid of overdoing it, I suggest going with fun and colorful open-toe stilettos and pumps!.

Jogging. Running and athletic shoes are perfect for jogging. While it might seem that there’s no option, I say you buy those lightweight, breathable ones and don’t forget light breathable socks that will help you prevent swollen toes.

What About The Sole?

Shoes are like the bed for our feet. Imagine sleeping on a  bed made of complete wood and no foam. That’s how the bottom of your feet must be feeling. Always go with shoes with soft soles made of rubber and foam, and avoid those with solid, hard surfaces like wood. That will not only make your feet sore, but will also harden the skin of your bottom feet due to excessive friction.

Mind The Arch Of Your Feet.

The arch of your feet is the middle portion that is slightly curved and lifted – the one that does not touch the floor. Your body is accustomed to the normal spacing between the arch and the floor. Choosing the wrong shoes can elevate that spacing, thus pressuring the ankles, which can cause blood circulation traumas and unnecessary pain. Always make sure that the arch of your feet is perfectly aligned with the arch of your shoes.

Always Choose The Right Fit.

Fit is critical for shoes to work! The perfectly fitting shoes will help you maneuver around swiftly and retain that perfect posture you want while walking. Shoes with narrow soles not only look unattractive also provokes the deformation of the leg joints. Soles that are too big will disrupt your balance and walking postures.  There is also an increased risk of tripping over.

Soles that are too short can cause sprained ankles due to uneven weight distribution. Meanwhile, shoes that are too big are harder on the leg muscles as you drag your feet and exert your muscles to lift the loose shoes.

Replace Your Shoes Regularly.

Even the best pair of shoes you have in your closet will someday need to be replaced. They all have an expiry date as wear and tear will inevitably make them uncomfortable or simply finished. Shoes take on the brunt of the elements and carry your entire weight on them.  Therefore, you really need to keep replacing your shoes regularly.

You will know precisely when that time comes. You will start to see a decline in the performance – the fit is no longer great, or they are no longer comfortable.  Also, the appearance will give it away too – a tattered pair of shoes is never fabulous.

So, be sure to declutter your shoe collection and replace them as needed. You can donate old shoes to charity or recycle some of them (based on the material).  Always remember, if you haven’t worn your shoes for an entire year, it’s time for them to go.  You have already moved on in your mind from these shoes, and it is time to let them go from your closet.

With summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to go shopping for your latest summer shoe collection. Happy shopping to you!