Styling Your Watch Jewelry With Loose Diamonds

Watches, whether mechanical or smart, are worn by all the segments of our society. The main reason for the famousness of wristwatches is that they are efficient time pieces that we can carry on our wrists to keep updated with the exact time wherever we go.

Why Watches Can Be Considered As A Piece Of Jewelry?

In addition to their specific use, many people buy expensive watches made out of some premium quality materials to use them as a piece of jewelry and enhance their overall look and persona. Jewelry watches are also considered as a status symbol because depending on the built material, they can get really expensive.

Since watches are considered as a piece of jewelry, they can now be modified and decorated with beautiful products like diamonds and pearls to further enhance their look and make the watch a luxury jewelry or a collectable item.

Decorating The Watch Jewelry, What Are Your Options?

If you are looking to decorate your normal watch with some beautiful jewelry, then there are a lot of options you can choose from.

A good way to select the right jewelry is considering your gender and personal choices before finalizing the design. For example gold and platinum watches might look good both on males and females. But when we move further, then loose diamonds, bracelet type chains and other things might make the watch more women friendly.

Decorating Different Parts Of Your Watch

Although top watch manufacturers like Rolex sell premade diamond watches. When it comes to selecting the part of the watch you want to decorate, there are generally two options you have. Here is brief descriptions of both those options.

Decorating The Face

If you want to give your jewelry watch a new subtle look, then using loose diamonds to decorate the watch face is the best option you have. However, the quantity of these diamonds depends on your budget.

For example; you can get 1 or 2 small diamonds added to the face of your watch and give it a small refresh of shiny diamonds. Or, you can invest more and get all the numbers replaced by diamonds (12 diamonds in total) to give your watch face a heavily luxurious theme. These were 2 ways you can employ to decorate the face of your wrist watch with loose diamonds.

Decorating The Wrist Bands

Wrist banks occupy the majority of your watch’s real estate, and if decorated carefully, it can make your watch look like a completely new product.

Wristwatches come with detachable bands, so, you can detach the bands from the face, store the face in a secure area and get the bands to an expert and get the desired number of diamonds attached. Remember that you’ll need a lot of smaller pieces of diamond to fully cover the watch.

These type of heavily decorated jewelry watches are usually worn in special occasions. But no matter how you get the diamonds applied, they will surely increase the overall look of your watch instantly.