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Popular Window Designs

Either for replaced only windows or building a new home, there are many things to look at when choosing a window design. There are several of them to consider with the variety in shape and movement. They play a role in airflow, interior design, and aesthetic appeal, and not just something to look through on the inside. Here’s a quick rundown of popular window designs to consider choosing.

First, there are single hung windows, a classic, simple design for every home. The opening comes from lifting the bottom half of the window upwards while the top half is still for one-way use. Single hung windows are still modern with its clean design style. Second, there is one of the more common windows, the double hung window, where both halves can be moved up or down at one time. These windows permit different ventilation ways and still are easy to use. Airflow is highly important in both cases, but the casement window lets users to move around with the vertical hinge. Casement windows swing both in and out with the use of a crank. Very much like them are the awning windows, but they work horizontally. These windows are attached at the top to hinges and swing outward.

Next, bay windows are popular for making a small space in the home. They are small windows, at least three of them, all connected with each other that provide an open view. They are the size of a picture frame all next to each other made at certain angles, providing versatility. Then there are bow windows, which are similar to bay windows with the same three-plus windows connected, but instead of angled edges at the connection points, the edges are rounded in a half-circle. The tilt turn windows is another versatile window that are simple, minimal look. They are modern as well and made swing inward or tilt up. They are even sliding tilt windows where they can do both. Using one handle, either function works.

The last type of window design are the sliding windows, sitting on tracks above and below the window that can be pushed to the side. This is among the more popular windows because they are also inexpensive. The sliding window is easy to use as it says what they do and are durable, making them very popular in many residences. Sliding windows are perfect alternatives to casement windows because of the vertical hinge that isn’t liked with casement windows.

These different windows are all popular picks when choosing which design is best for the home. These different designs are common in residences, all picked out based on the rest of the home. There are pros and cons for each window and homeowners just need to know what function they hold and how each of them looks in the home. Between frame material, colors, and glass, there is a lot that really goes into picking the right window into the heart of the home.