The Complete Guide To Styling The Best Watch Straps

For some people, watches have been part of their overall getup as they’re stylish and functional at the same time. Aside from informing you of the time, a watch can also act as a fashion accessory that could complement your look, making your regular outfit look trendy. 

Buying plenty of watches can be exciting as you get to explore various styles and designs. However, they can be expensive, too. To help you cut costs while still being stylish, replacing your watch straps could help make your ordinary watch look new and fashionable.  

But before you purchase watch straps Australia, it’s ideal to know which type can make your money’s worth. And with that, here are some points that can guide you in buying the best watch straps.  

Set Your Budget 

One of the first things you have to do when it comes to shopping for watch straps is to set your budget. When you’re inside the store, it can be tempting to go for an item that can give off a luxurious look and matches your existing watch. However, it’ll only be a shame not to come home with it, especially if it’s too expensive and above your budget. And so, to limit yourself from expectations and help keep your eye on the goal, setting your budget would be ideal.   

Furthermore, you may also consider asking the store associate what their collections are under your price point. This way, you can already filter your choices and decide with what kind and style they present to you.   

Inspect Your Garments 

Perhaps you’re replacing your watch straps with something more stylish and fashion-forward to compliment your wardrobe. To help you save and ensure it matches every item of clothing you have, you’ll need to inspect your closet first to see which kind of strap would suit your clothes best.   

For instance, you can look at your wardrobe and see if it’s leaning toward modern, classic, fun, or formal. This way, you can choose which kind of strap matches your look best, no matter what type of mix and match you wish to create.  

Know Your Style  

Apart from basing your watch strap on the clothes you usually wear, you can also base your decision on your personal style. This way, it can be more personalized and reflect more of who you are.   

Ideally, choosing your watch strap should be based on what you want. There’s no point in replacing it if it’ll only be something that you’re unhappy about. Allowing your strap to reflect who you are and what makes you happy can let you have the perfect piece of accessory right on your wrist.   

Select The Best Material  

When strap shopping, you may come across plenty of materials to choose from. Apart from their appearance, you also need to consider their maintenance and wearability. And with that, below are some popular strap materials to choose from: 

Dubai, UAE – February 2020: Colorful Apple watch straps or bands in Apple Store, close up.

Stainless Steel 

A stainless-steel design can provide one of the classiest and most traditional looks for any watch. You can either go with a solid color or play with a combination of silver and gold for a creative look. However, when going with this, ensure that you pick a color matching your watch’s body to create a unified and seamless look.  


Another traditional and crowd favorite for watch straps is leather. They can also provide a classy and timeless look and go well with any watch. You can choose between black, white, mahogany, and plenty of shades of brown. It can also be a great option if you’re looking for something to match any outfit.


If you spend a lot of time sweating or hitting the gym, going for a silicone watch strap could be your next best option. They are generally waterproof and allow your sweat to glide easily. However, a tip to note is to check your skin for silicone allergies, as some people might develop a rash when wearing them for too long.  


Nylon can also be a great choice if you’re leaning towards fabric as your strap. This type of material can go well with any outfit and is water-resistant. However, nylon straps can absorb your sweat. As such, washing them is highly recommended to keep them fresh and clean.   

Consider Your Lifestyle 

When choosing the best watch strap, it’s also recommended to consider your lifestyle and see which ones you’d like to commit to. Note that not all straps may be suitable for certain activities and lifestyles. Moreso, with different materials, there are various maintenance and cleaning options that you should keep in mind. That said, decide which one you’d be willing to stick to as it could help extend their lifespan and keep them stylish and functional.   


Choosing the perfect strap can be challenging, especially with the number of options available. At the end of the day, pick one that can match well with any of your outfits and can make you feel and look good as you wear them. 

Moreover, don’t forget about the maintenance and decide which ones are not just stylish enough to boost your overall look but also convenient to use.