Tips On How To Wear Your Watch With Style

As a man, when you wear a watch you should try to look best in your watch and not like a teenager who borrowed their dad’s watch. Styling your watch is including where on your hand you place it and the correct way to position it. 

The same way a belt should match your shoes, is the same way you should know how to wear your watch with your outfits.

Below are tips that will help you in styling G Life Watches with your dress code.

How Ro Match Your Watch With Your Outfit?

A watch is only an accessory so it should never dominate your look. So whatever your outfit for the day is, your watch should not dominate, instead, they should complement each other.

However, it shouldn’t be difficult, it doesn’t matter if you have never done it before, it should be fun!

First, match your metals. Look at the metals on your outfit; your rings, buckles, etc, they should be matched with your watch. Match silver with silver and gold with gold. 

On Which Wrist Should You Wear Your Watch

Some will recommend your left wrist and some your right wrist. Well the main logic here is to wear it on your less dominant side.

If your left hand is the less dominant one, then wear the watch on your left and vice versa. The main reason for doing this is because the watch will not be moved much.

Another reason is that you can check the time as you do other things with your dominant hand. Like when you are scrolling through your phone.

Another thing is that your watch should be worn loosely, to avoid limiting your wrist.  When buying from a shop like the g life watches shop, always ensure that you buy a watch that fits you well. Also the face of the watch should sit on the ulna of your wrist which is on the bone located on the outer part of your wrist.

Additionally, the watch should not poke out of your shirt when you’re standing. It should only be seen when you bend your arm.

Metal Or Leather Strap

There is no right or wrong answer on this, it depends on which personality you want to display. Metal is always stern, smooth and practical while leather is personal and sophisticated.

However, you should always remember that metals should always match metals even before you make a purchase. Leather on the other hand should match other leathers such as your shoes and belt. 

Should You Buy A Single Watch Or Multiple Watches?

If you choose to buy one watch for all of your outfits make sure that you buy a very neutral watch. If you choose to buy two to three watches then you can stretch your preferences.

Which One Should You Buy?

Well it all comes down to the taste of the man buying the watch. However if a man is buying a watch for the first time they should put the above points to key when shopping.

When shopping, always look for a shop with varieties like the G Life Watches shop where you get to choose among many watches.