The Millennial’s Guide to Engagement Ring Shopping

Buying an engagement ring is a fun thing to do as a couple. It signifies the love and commitment you have for each other. But even though it sounds like something you could spend five minutes on, you should plan the process to achieve a satisfying result. 

So, how do you buy that shiny and beautiful ring like the millennial? How do you choose the best type, style and still remain within your budget? Keep reading to find the answers below. Also, you can shorten the time by checking out the cute diamond engagement rings from our select provider in Toronto. 

Engagement ring Shopping Guide

Decide on what you want.

Before shopping, the first thing to do is decide what you want in a ring. This means picking the color, cut, clarity, carat, shape, and type. Of course, the colors vary, especially when shopping for a diamond ring. Nowadays, you can even find a chocolate diamond ring or yellow and pink. But you can also choose a colorless ring if you want. 

The cut has to do with whether the ring will be oval or pear. As for carat, you will be thinking of 1 carat, 2 to 5-carat rings. But note that the higher the carat, the heavier and more expensive the ring will be. When we talk about clarity, it means how flawless the ring will be. The lesser flaws the ring has, the more costly it becomes. 

The next thing you must also decide is the shape of the ring. Several shapes are available, such as oval, round, cushion, emerald, marquise, pear, princess, etc. When picking the shape, make sure it matches your personal style. This is because your ring stays on your fingers all the time. Lastly, you don’t have to buy a diamond ring for that engagement. Even though it’s the trendy type now, you can still go for sapphire, ruby, or other gemstones such as Morganite.

Choose your vendor

Where you buy your rings matters in many aspects, including quality, varieties, and affordability. So, you must pick a source before shopping to save time. Available options include online vendors, brand trunk shows, private and national jewelers, and diamond districts. Each of these options has unique advantages to consider before choosing them. 

To get your ring online, make sure you check out the ring very well. Make sure that you read grading reports from official sources such as the EGL, GIA, etc. Also, watch a video display of the ring to pinpoint the imperfections. 

As for buying from a national or private jeweler, always make sure the quality is as it appears. Don’t rely on the lights inside but check the stone with natural light. Another thing is that private jewelers can customize the stone your pick to suit your specifications. Also, national jewelers sometimes accept trade-in where you change your ring for something better and pay the price differences. As for Diamond district and brand trunk shows, you’ll be relying on small businesses for varieties and your local stores to gain discounts when there’s a trunk show. 

Set the cost cap

Do you want to break a bank to buy an engagement ring? The obvious answer is no. that’s why we recommend setting a budget before going out to shop. Like we said earlier, several things determine the price of a diamond engagement ring. Some include the carat, clarity, shape, cut, etc. The higher the quality of the ring, the costlier it becomes. For example, if you need a 5-carat diamond ring, you have to prepare to pay hugely for it. Also, if you need a flawless ring, the price will be high too. Moreover, a ring with engravings will typically cost more than one without intricate settings. Bear all these in mind and set the budget you can afford before stepping out. 

Couple shopping is fun.

Instead of browsing through the sources alone, why not do so with your partner. It is usually more enjoyable to shop for your ring together. The ideas and choices will flow faster when the two people involved are there. Many people indeed love to surprise their partners with the engagement ring, so they wouldn’t want to shop together. But if you consider the ease of choosing when you’re together, the surprise may not matter. What if you pick a ring and your partner doesn’t like it. So, consider doing this together. 


Time has changed, and many things are also changing with it. Now, the way we shop and interact is different from before this era. That’s why we’ve discussed the way to shop for your engagement ring as a millennial. 

We’ve talked about deciding on what you want, setting a budget, picking a good vendor, and even going for a couple-shopping adventure to reduce the decision time. With all this information and ideas, you can get your engagement ring without hassles