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6 Tips for Great Winter Skin

With the winters already here and the holiday season fast approaching, the cold weather is only going to get more intense in the coming weeks. Every year, it is a challenge to keep the skin supple, moist, and healthy in the harsh cold weather and prevent it from getting dry.

Cold weather with its biting chilly winds can sure play havoc with our skin. All you need is some help on how to keep your skin and complexion soft and luminous throughout the winter months.

 Below are some tips that surely work and keep your complexion looking fresh and hydrated.

  1. Use lukewarm water- while it is indeed tempting to step in hot showers, they can dry your skin quickly. Thus, get into the habit of taking lukewarm showers to keep the skin soft and supple. Do not think that slapping on loads of moisturizers will undo the harm as it will only lead to more skin issues.
  2. Choose the right skin products- Both men and women should change their skincare products for the winter season. For example, men should shop for a moisturizing shave gel, and women should buy cleansers that contain moisturizers.   Poor quality products can rob the skin of the natural moisture barrier and leave you stagging with dry skin and other issues.
  3. Protect the skin – Avoid exposing your skin to harsh winters and keep your body and face covered, especially when going out. Wear your snow boots, gloves, cap, and scarf when stepping out in winter. Do not forget to wear a good quality moisturizer with SPF, as the sun’s rays can still harm your skin.
  4. Avoid exfoliants and scrubs – If you are used to exfoliating and scrubbing your skin daily, go easy on this routine during winter. If your skin already looks dry or flaky, further exfoliation will only make it sensitive and cause damage, as scrubbing can break the skin’s moisture barrier. Hence, you have to be careful when exfoliating the skin during winters and do it just once a week instead of every now and then.
  5. Pay more attention to hands and feet – The skin on your hands and feet takes the maximum brunt of the cold weather as they carry fewer oil glands than other body parts. This is the reason why you find the dryness and cracks appearing first on the feet and the hands. So, apply moisturizer e3very now and them on the hands, and use glycerin-based creams to moisturize your feet.
  6. Use a humidifier – It is good to invest in a good quality humidifier, which can be especially helpful with indoor heating up during the winter months. As humidifiers preserve more moisture in the air, thus the indoor air can serve as a natural moisturizing agent and offer relief from skin dryness.

If you follow the above-listed tips for winter care, you can be sure to enjoy a healthy and fresh glow all year long. Leave everyone wondering about your glowing and well-moisturized skin this winter.