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The Most Excellent Sports Physical Therapy To Be Found In Round Rock Texas

Athletes who want to perform at their highest level should incorporate sports physical therapy into their routine. There are many benefits from getting regular physical therapy, and sports PT focuses specifically on improving athletic performance, injury recovery, and preventing injuries from returning. Physical therapy uses various techniques and therapies to meet the goals of each client, and each program is individualized. 

Helping Athletes Reach Full Potential

No matter what sport one plays, keeping the body in tip-top shape is imperative for overall performance and injury prevention. Athletes who search for physical therapy in Round Rock can expect a well-rounded performance program that works on multiple aspects.

If you are looking to reach your full potential on the field, track, pool, court, or other place, but you have never had physical therapy before, there are certain things you can expect. During the initial visit, the physical therapist asks numerous questions regarding your medical history, past injuries, and current goals. He or she will conduct a screening to see what areas you are strong in, and which need more attention. Based on the results and your history, the PT will design a customized program to reach your goals.

During subsequent appointments, the physical therapist will guide you through exercises to increase your endurance, speed, strength, agility, and balance. You may even do neuromuscular re-education moves to either strengthen areas of weakness or help heal old injuries. If you play a sport in which there are repetitive moves, the PT will discuss proper ergonomics and recommend things you can do to minimize the stress on the muscles that are being worked.

If you also suffer from pain or other symptoms, the physical therapist may incorporate manual therapy, which includes mobilization and manipulation. Bracing and taping may also be a part of your performance program. 

Helping Athletes Return to the Game

Because of the high intensity training that athletes take part in regularly, injuries are common. Injury recovery is one of the most common reasons that sports-minded clients reach out for physical therapy near New Braunfels, TX. Injuries keep athletes from performing, so the goal is to get better as quickly as possible, and the therapies used in PT help lessen recovery time. 

Sports physical therapy can help with a wide range of injuries, such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel, fracture recovery, spinal issues, and sprains. Athletes may begin a program immediately after suffering from an injury, or they may wait until they have other treatments, such as surgery.

The first goal of PT is to reduce and eliminate pain and other symptoms, and some methods used may include manual therapy, orthopedic therapy, trigger point therapy, hot and cold therapy, or other modality. Once the client is feeling better, the focus is to improve function through various exercises. Building strength, endurance, and other athletic skills come towards the end of the program, once the client is close to 100%.

Any athlete who wants to be better at their sport can benefit from sports physical therapy. It is a great addition to the other athletic training.