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Boost your Heart Health with a Glass of Wine Daily

While drinking your glass of pinot noir or cabernet, do you say to yourself that it is good for your heart? Do you know that the above belief has its source way back to a catchphrase that was coined at the end of 1980- The French Paradox?

In case you do not know the meaning of The French Paradox, it is related to the consumption of wine daily. It refers to the conviction that drinking wine daily might explain why the French has lower rates of heart disease compared to people from the rest of the world. If you check the French food habits, you will find that wine, cheese, and other fatty enriched foods are in their daily staple diet.

The magic of polyphenols

Thanks to the theory of The French Paradox, scientists went on to discover the plant compound called polyphenols in wine. This compound is found in purple and red grape skin and other fruits, nuts, and vegetables. The compound polyphenols explain the heart-protecting properties that are predominant in wine. There is another argument that reinforces The French Paradox, and it stems from the reality of the Mediterranean Diet- this is an eating pattern that wards off strokes and heart attacks. This diet includes red wine!

However, note that the proof of consumption of red wine specifically or alcohol, for that matter, in general, helps one to prevent heart ailments is very weak say prominent scientists in the field. There have been studies where people have consumed red wine and moderate amounts of alcohol and have avoided heart disease; however such research and studies do not prove that wine prevents heart disease. An association with wine might influence health in some way, but it solely cannot be accounted for preventing heart ailments.

When buying wine, one should always check ratings and reviews from credible sources. The Sokolin Wine Ratings give you an insight into the quality of wine you buy. Refer to them as scientists say that if you wish to drink your way to good health, it is crucial for you to drink a good brand and quality of wine that has positive ratings in the market.

So, how much wine should you drink daily?

Experts state that moderate wine consumption is safe for you. This means for women, a glass of wine is good for health whereas, for men, two glasses of wine are perfect for him to stay in good health. However, research is still on when it comes to the health benefits of wine, and so one has to wait and watch out for the final verdict on whether red wine can boost heart health and prevent diseases in man!

The Grape expectation

Most studies reveal that wine is a safer and better option for men and women over beer and alcohol daily.

However, note that when you are drinking wine with meals, this is a healthy pattern. One should never overdo things, and the same also applies to wine- keep it at one to two glasses every day to stay happy and healthy!