Three Tips for a Great Camping Trip

Are you a fan of gazing into the starry nighttime sky? Do you prefer waking up to the call of the loon than the piercing sounds of an ambulance truck driving passed your apartment window? Well, you’re probably one of the many individuals who choose to escape the concrete jungle in favour of going camping during the summer months.

Before you book that camping trip, make sure you’ve packed all the right gear from TX Fowlers and are fully prepared for all of the unpredictable wonders of the great outdoors. Plan accordingly, and take a look at these three camping trip tips.

Stay Warm

OK, so it might sound a little strange to “stay warm” in the middle of the summer, but if you’re engaging in activities such as canoeing or swimming, you’ll need to make sure that your body is dry and at a decent temperature, and that your feet, in particular, are kept warm. It’s essential to keep your feet warm because they’re a crucial point where heat leaves the body — just like your hands.

When it’s time to hit the hay and the sun goes down, you’ll be surprised at how cold it gets in the wilderness. Find a comfortable pair of socks to wear from a company like Heat Holders that supplies the Warmest Thermal Sock™ on the market. They’re seven times warmer than regular cotton socks, and nearly three times warmer than ordinary thermal socks. Also, there’s no hassle with batteries as they’re not electric or battery operated. All you have to do is slip on a pair of comfortable Heat Holders, snuggle into the sleeping bag in your tent, and feel warm all night long.

Practice Setting Up Your Tent at Home

Speaking of tents, has it been a few years since you’ve pitched one in the wild? It’s a good idea to master that craft before leaving the city. Once you’ve settled into your camping ground, there’s no turning back.

Trying to set up your tent as the sun is rapidly going down is very stressful — when you don’t know what you’re doing. Practice some trial runs in the backyard (or living room if you’re in the middle of the city) and watch tutorial videos online before you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with a pole that you swear wasn’t part of the tent assembly kit before . . .

Prepare Camp-friendly Meals Ahead of Time

One of the best parts of camping is cooking food around the fire. Everything tastes better over that flame! However, before you pack the cooler, make sure the food you bring is camp-friendly and easy-to-prepare.

Camp-friendly and easy-to-prepare don’t mean the food has to be bland; you can make delicious food ahead of time to take with you! Prepare items such as chicken kabobs, chocolate chip pancake mix, and even campfire nachos! Just be sure that you have proper containers to keep them in and to prepare everything a few days before you leave.

Remember to store your food far away from your tent to avoid unwanted interactions with any hungry animals that might be wandering around. If possible, keep food up in a tree in tightly concealed bags or containers.

Stay warm, be prepared, and enjoy some much-needed time in the sublime beauty of nature!