Make the Best Out Of Your One Day in Atlanta, Georgia

Even if it is not so well-known for its architecture and charming public squares as Charleston, Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia. As a shrine to the hard-won liberties and challenges faced by America, Atlanta had significant roles both in the 1960s civil war and the civil rights movement. The Martin Luther King Jr. and facilities like the beautiful Olympic Park. You will never run out of stuff in Atlanta as it has historical monuments, attractions and not to mention the scenic Atlanta Campgrounds.

But I just have one day…

One day?! No worries!

There is a lot you can visit and watch in one day as this famous city is full of special treats and candies for your eye!

Given below is a complete guide on how to maximize your one day trip to Atlanta.

Indulge in the strong history of Atlanta

Wake up, get in your best jeans ever and head out. Take your coffee and visit the Atlanta History Center, to get a good overview of the history of the city. A new museum about the 1996 Olympic Games in the city of Atlanta is on view at the 20,000 square foot Centennial Olympic Games Center. The beautifully restored Swan House is another highlight of the area. Tickets are scarce and can only be bought on the day of your tour, so plan early to avoid confusion. Eat lunch at Swan Coach House, the on-site cafe where lunch is offered Monday through Saturday, between 11 am and 2:30 pm.

News Time Next!

The CNN Center is located on the western side of the Centennial Olympic Park. A CNN Studio Tour can bring guests from 9 am to 5 pm, where one of the largest news networks runs within the world will be seen behind the scenes. One hour in the studio should be enough to see anything in the global newsroom of CNN. The tour is fun and informative, with the possibility of capturing news about yourself–a nice souvenir, if this is your things, for friends and families.

Witness the most exclusive marine life

The main attraction at present in Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium, the largest indoor aquarium in the country. It requires 3 hours to see and see anything, so go to Swan House soon after an early lunch. First of all, order your tickets online, and you can pick an entry window that will minimize congestion at the front gates. Of example, the days are jam-packed, and you can find yourself walking next to the great exhibitions. There is also a 4-D film every 30 minutes. Decide on the time to check out the exhibit.

Focus on the display before and after when you join the aquarium. There are spaces specially designed for small kids too so that they can play around and take a break if they get restless.

Coca-Cola yes!

Discover the fascinating past of the influential Coke and get to Coca-Cola City, a museum packed with documentaries, interactive exhibits and memorabilia about the world’s most popular soft drink-which launched more than 132 years ago in Atlanta coincidentally in 1886. The museum demonstrates the past and popularity of Coca Cola in a fun way, beginning with Dr. John Pemberton and his “headache candy.”
Visiting the museum in Atlanta, the 4D cinema and more than 100 products made with Coke from all over the world, are some of the best things to do with kids, family or even by you!

Care to grab a bite?

Obviously, by now, you’d be hungry and craving for some delicious food. What better to eat then classic Southern flavors while being in Atlanta?

Yes, Atlanta breakfast club is next…

Despite its name, the local Atlanta Breakfast Club is not just offered at breakfast but also at many regular American meals, such as the BBQ, tacos, and so much more. The cozy and welcoming restaurant is situated just north of the Center for Civil and Human Rights through Ivan Allen Jr. Enter the waiting list before you get to the venue if it takes longer than 20 minutes to stop waiting in line. You’ll appreciate this pleasant little meal with a beautiful retro setting, with superior service, sweet crab cakes and warm smiles on everybody’s sides.

Done and dusted let’s move and wave hello to the buried ones!

The Oakland Cemetery – wait for what?!

How in the world does a cemetery make to this list? Well, just like any other landmark in Atlanta, this cemetery also plays a massive role in the history of Atlanta.
The 48 acres of land is the final rest place of many significant historical figures, such as Moses W. Formwalt, first mayor of Atlanta, and Margaret Mitchell, writer of Gone with the Wind. It is an ideal place to walk through the past. Even if you are not much of a fan of history, it’s still going to work. This place ought to give you a soothing vibe and some form of deep sedation that you are bound to enjoy and crave for in the future.

Spend the night outdoors

After one whole day of exploring this amazing city (and dinner of course), plan your stay at one of the best Atlanta Campgrounds and witness the magic in the nights of Atlanta! The Atlanta South RV Resort located near Atlanta is based in the city of McDonough. The location provides quick access to the Six Flags highway, the Carter Presidential Complex, and the Coca-Cola World. Many campsites at Atlanta are typically a few minutes from the area, but Atlanta South is less than 30 minutes away. Spend the night all by yourself or with your fellows in this beautiful yet facilitated Atlanta Campground.


Even though you have one day in Atlanta, you can still make the best of your time in this historical capital of Georgia. From the industrial sector to the more natural ones, there is a lot to see in Atlanta in one day.