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Wear And Go Headband Wigs From Hurela Hair

Beautiful haircuts are the goal of every girl. Now more and more people are choosing wigs to help style. Some people may choose a lace front wig, or a lace closure wig, but any wig with lace should be installed, glued or applied with a hairdresser.

This process can be cumbersome, requires an appointment, and some people are allergic to glue. So when the time is urgent, we need an easy wig to install.

Now a new fashion hairstyle is on the completely rise. Wear and go, headband wig!

This is a wig made from bundles and bands only. Sew the bundles on the adjustable band, no part of the lace, so when you wear it you just have to put the wig on the head and adjust it in the right place, the band will help you wear it and will not fall down , It is completely without glue. You can then tie a colorful headband on the hairline, so that you have a lucky score.

This type of wig is very easy to wear and maintain, you don’t have to worry about the lace breaking, or how to remove the lace wig from your head. When you wash your hair, take it off your head, and also that the bundles sewn on the band are stronger than tying the hair on the lace, so you will have less shedding.

The best point is, even if you only have one wig, you can create a different shape with changing headbands of different colors!

Come on! Hurela hair headband wigs offer, with special codes, save money and become fashionable!

Quadpay Service

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How to get Quadpay

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Is Quadpay paid monthly?

QuadPay offers a single payment plan: four equal installments for six weeks. You may be on the waiting list when you first apply (you can try again in 30 days). Each purchase request is valid for 24 hours.