Tips for Choosing Lingerie for Your Lady

Men often like to buy lingerie for the lady loves in their lives but are unsure how to best go about it. With so many different options on the market and sizing challenges, not to mention the worry of buying something that a partner doesn’t like at all or that gets offended by, it’s no wonder men often put off such purchases until the last minute. 

However, it pays to learn some tips that will help you shop with much more confidence the next time you buy some quality lingerie sets or separates for the lady love in your life. 

Think About Who She Is

When you go to find some lovely lingerie for your special woman, it’s essential to stop and think about who she is. What general “vibe” does she put out, and what is her style like? What types of clothes does she wear in general, and does she have favorite colors that she wears a lot of? 

Thinking about all these elements can help you understand which bras, panties, lingerie sets, and the like will most likely appeal to her. There’s not a lot of point buying her, for instance, a racy number made out of leather if that’s something she’d never feel comfortable in. You want to buy options that will help her feel sexy and desired rather than someone else – unless, of course, you know that she’s keen to roleplay! 

Get the Info You Need

Another step before you go shopping is to arm yourself with the necessary information that will help you choose well when you’re in-store or looking at products online. For example, check out other lingerie items in her drawers or closet to see her typical size up top and in the bottoms. Keep in mind that many women wear a different size on one half than they do on the other, so you may find that your best bet is buying matching separates or even an eye-catching one-piece number. 

It also helps to pay attention to the brands your lady often wears when it comes to undergarments. If you can see that there are one or two brands she buys a lot of her underwear from, this is a good indication that she likes their style and that the pieces fit her well, too. 

Get Advice from Salespeople

It can be very daunting trying to pick out pieces from the vast number of collections available these days, so don’t be afraid to turn to salespeople for advice. Whether in-store or online, these shop assistants deal in this area day in and day out and have a good idea of what’s trending, what different shoppers like, pitfalls to watch out for, safe products to consider, and more.

Let the sales staff know the type of lingerie you’re after or the occasion you’re buying for, and give them some details about your love, and see what they come up with. Don’t feel pressured to buy what they suggest, though, as you know your partner and they don’t. However, they can definitely give you some guidance to make the whole process less stressful. 

Check Return Policies

Before you get out your wallet, though, take the time to check the return policies that the store(s) you’re looking to buy from has in place. Wherever possible, purchase from shops that enable refunds or at least exchanges if styles or sizes don’t suit. Many places won’t allow returns on undergarments due to the products’ sensitive nature, so this is why knowing sizing and tastes is a good idea. 

Even if stores do offer exchanges, refunds, or credit notes, keep in mind that some won’t allow this on goods bought at heavy discounts or during certain sale periods, so ask about this before assuming that returns will be no problem. 

Invest in Attractive Gift Wrapping

Women want to be wowed by what’s inside gifts, but they also get wooed by attractive wrapping. If you really want to impress the love in your life, it is wise to put time and care into wrapping the lingerie you buy in pretty paper or a distinctive gift box or bag. 

If this is something you feel is outside your skillset, it’s worth asking the store you buy from if they have wrapping available. Most places either offer this free of charge (sometimes if you spend over a certain amount) or charge a nominal fee. 

Buying lingerie for a lady is something many men will do at least a few times, if not regularly, during their lives, which means this is something worth learning how to do well sooner rather than later. Follow the tips above to help you make your next shopping expedition a success.