A Quick Guide To Men’s Engagement Rings

For a long time, women expected men to make the life-altering proposal. But now, both men and women have the option to propose marriage to their long-term partners. Even though popping the question to your soul mate has been around for a long time, many women are still unsure whether to purchase an engagement ring for their partner. To that end, below is a brief overview of men’s engagement rings:  

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings? 

The answer is yes, let’s settle this once and for all. Men also wear engagement rings. After all, it’s not about who wears it, but rather the essence of wearing one. The engagement ring serves as a symbol between two people who are ready to spend a lifetime together. In short, it is a symbol of commitment and promise. In recent years, many women and same-sex couples are now embracing the idea that both parties in a relationship should wear engagement rings. 

Although it’s now understood that men can wear engagement rings, another issue most of you are probably wondering about is how to choose the best ring for them. If women often get those engagement rings with huge diamonds and stones, can men have the same style too?  

Initially, most men’s rings were designed to be simple metal bands. Thankfully, this simple design has evolved, giving men and women more options for men’s rings. Aside from the simple metal band, you can also find ornate and contemporary men’s rings that include gemstones, diamonds, and mixed metals. 

Popular Choices For Men’s Engagement Rings  

If you intend to propose to the man of your life, you may be wondering how to start your search. If you’re looking for inspiration for men’s engagement rings, here are some of the most popular and typical styles to get you started.  

Classic Metal Engagement Bands 

The classic metal engagement band may be the best and safest option for the traditionalists. Many men also prefer this classic metal band as it exudes a minimalist yet masculine vibe. Furthermore, these metal bands are also more comfortable to wear. Gold is the most traditional option for the metal, yet you’re free to choose other metals according to your partner’s style, preference, and skin tone. You can also opt for platinum, white, gold, or yellow gold. Ultimately, the final choice is up to you.  

Carved/Textured Engagement Rings 

Meanwhile, if you want something more contemporary for your man but still simple, like the classic metal band, you can have the carved engagement ring as an alternative. Unlike the first polished style, this one has more added details since the metal band is styled with carvings and texture. You can also customize one by combining the polished band with the textured metal inlay to create a visually appealing contrast.  

Black Metal Engagement Rings 

One of the latest talks of the town in men’s rings is the black metal engagement ring. Since the black color is often associated with strength, authority, and power, most men see black rings as a more masculine vibe than the other rings. Plus, black rings are also fashionable since they can easily fit in any fashion. So, if you think your man’s personality or taste fits well with, an all-black metal engagement ring or a band with black accents might be the best choice.  

Diamond Engagement Rings 

For those who believe diamond engagement rings are only for women, now’s the time to correct yourself because diamond engagement rings are also available for men. But unlike the women’s rings, wherein the diamond is the main centerpiece, the men’s diamond engagement bands are styled in various ways.  

You may find an engagement ring with a single diamond incorporated into the band. You can also find an engagement ring filled with small diamond stones circling the entire band. Whether it’s a single diamond or a channel-set diamond ring, you can find a specific style for every taste. Just remember to take your time choosing the diamond and consider the Four C’s. Meanwhile, if your man isn’t into diamonds, you can use their birthstone or favorite color gemstone instead. 

Other Details To Consider When Choosing Your Man’s Engagement Ring  

Now that you know your man’s available engagement ring styles, it’s time to know the other details you need to consider for their ring.  


As women, the most popular choice for the men’s ring’s metal band is gold due to its resistance to tarnish, rust, and corrosion. You may also opt for other types of gold like rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold. Aside from gold, platinum can also be a perfect choice for your man’s metal band. Meanwhile, if he’s not a traditionalist and would prefer something out of the box, you may choose from other metal options like tungsten, titanium, cobalt, tantalum, and ceramic. 

Engagement Band Width 

Men’s engagement rings often have a thicker bandwidth than women’s because they have larger hands. The most popular width for men is approximately 8mm wide, and the thinnest option is 2mm wide. 

Ring Size 

To get the correct ring size for your man, you can get a sample ring from his accessory box and take it to the jeweler. Men’s most comfortable ring size is when the band can smoothly slide over their knuckle.  


Consider engraving your man’s ring with little details if you want something more personalized. It can be your initials, anniversary date, or favorite quote.  

Wrapping Up 

As you see, finding your man’s most suitable engagement ring isn’t as hard as it sounds, as long as you know what to look for. But since engagement rings are constantly evolving, it’s advisable to seek the advice of a professional jeweler to help you pick the best ring for the man of your life.