Top 5 Gentlemen Hobbies

Free time is a fickle mistress. Those who work do not have enough of it, whilst those who are retired have too much. Regardless of your situation, it’s always healthy to make time for experiences and hobbies that can be shared with others – variety is the spice of life. So, here are a few gentlemanly hobbies that tick all the boxes when it comes to fun, socializing, and style.


Playing at a casino can go either way when it comes to wellness and looking after yourself – it can either be a time for social gathering and sophisticated competitiveness, or it can become a source of addiction. Whilst playing with online demo accounts is popular, there are many reasons you may want to play for real money, particularly in regards to claiming casino bonuses online. Casinos are hundreds of years old, whilst gambling is thousands of years old – yet online casinos seem to be taking over.

Homebrewing Beer

Beer is often seen as a man’s drink (this isn’t to say women can’t enjoy it too), but why not take this love of beer to a next level? All the adventures of a DIY project but with some sophisticated chemistry thrown in, as well as an end product that you can share around to your friends who may appreciate it. Brewing your own beer is not only cost-effective in the long run, but the process itself can be just as fun as the drinking part – any excuse to get in the garage or spare room and spend some time alone with your tools.

Knife Making/Sharpening

This may sound almost too cliche, but the idea of sharpening knives comes from more than just having a sharp object. It’s instead a sign that you’re self-sustaining, that you wouldn’t need to buy another knife ever again because you can maintain your current ones. Having such a skill isn’t only rewarding when it comes to using the knife in the kitchen, but it can be lucrative as a side hustle too.


Nothing sounds like the epitome of a gentlemanly pass time than working with leather. But in all seriousness, building up this craft can mean creating incredible bags, wallets, and even items of clothing that have a very sophisticated, high-end feel to them. This is the classiest of classy hobbies, and it can be either monetized (just take a look at the opportunities on Etsy or a local market) or a source of infinite incredible festive gifts.


There’s no better way to get the lads together than with a round of golf. Be it drinking in the sun, a boys’ trip to the Algarve, or a quiet cathartic round among friends, golf offers a perfect blend of skill, incremental improvements and competition, as well as slow-paced socializing. Whether it’s a sport, a hobby, or a form of socializing, it doesn’t really matter. Even if you and your friends aren’t anywhere near the same skill level, it can work just as well as a tense competitive match-up. Ultimately, you will learn a lot about yourself and how you interact with the environment around you as you begin to see constant improvements.