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Had a Recent Weight Change? Here’s Some Things for You to Think About

Sometimes we change our weight on purpose. Other times, it seems to happen to us totally out of the blue. Whichever the case is, if it is noticeable, it can make you question certain things. However, as long as you feel happy and healthy with the way you are, your weight change is nothing to worry about. We have created a list of things that you might want to think about though, if you’ve recently noticed weight changes. Let’s get stuck in.

Your Wardrobe

With fluctuating weight, you might want to consider clothing that can adapt to you at different sizes. For example, the Kim K clothing brand offers a vast shapewear collection. Shapewear clothing is tight fitting to make your figure look great, so you can feel confident whatever your weight. It also means you don’t have to worry too much about not fitting into it as the stretchy material should work with you, even when your weight is unstable. 

Health Concerns

If your weight has changed dramatically out of the blue when you’ve not altered your lifestyle much, then this may be cause for concern. This is especially so if you’re experiencing any pain, discomfort, or unusual symptoms. If you’re worried, then speak to a health professional as soon as you can so that they can advise you.

As well as the above, you should consider why you may have seen changes to your body. Could it be possible that you are pregnant? Or going through menopause? Could it be stress-related? All of these different aspects and more could play a part. Throughout the day it is perfectly natural for our weight to fluctuate a little bit due to food and water intake. But if you’re noticing a dramatic difference there could be more to it. Your doctor should ask you the relevant questions to get to the root of it. 

Tracking Weight

Carrying on with the theme of health, it’s a good idea to track how much you are gaining or losing. This isn’t to be obsessive, but it can be helpful to see if certain parts of the year you gain or lose more, so that you can work out why, if it wasn’t intentional. If you want to return to a certain weight, then keeping an eye on the scales can help you to do so. Just ensure you do everything at a steady speed. 

Your Thoughts and Feelings

Do you feel good or bad about the weight change? If it’s positive, then try to keep it up and stick at what you’re doing. If it’s the opposite, then assess your habits. Although BMI isn’t always accurate, and you need to take muscle weight into account, it can be an indicator of if you’re a healthy weight. Always try to keep this in mind as you don’t want to go too far one way or the other if it might have health implications.