Everything You Need To Know About Colored Diamonds

Although white diamonds have long held a special place in the heart of man, colored diamonds are just as, if not more, beautiful. Colored diamonds (also known as fancy color diamonds) are actually extremely rare in nature — only around one out of 25,000 carats have an intense color. Thanks to their rarity, gorgeous shades, and alluring elegance, colored diamonds make for a particularly special and luxurious choice for jewelry.

Yellow diamonds

The most common colored diamond (accounting for as much as 60% of all colored diamonds), yellow diamonds are still incredibly rare — only one out of around every 10,000 carats mined end up being yellow. Nevertheless, since they are in general more abundant, yellow diamonds can be a relatively more affordable option, and therefore a great way to jump into the world of colored diamonds for the first time. When selecting a yellow diamond for jewelry, it’s important to think carefully about how the metal you choose for the setting affects how the diamond looks. Platinum or white gold, for example, provides a sharp contrast that really makes yellow diamonds shine, while also making them appear lighter in saturation. Alternatively, yellow gold (the most popular setting for yellow diamonds) can help intensify the diamond’s beautiful, vivid color.

Pink diamonds

Sophisticated, feminine, and hugely romantic, pink diamonds are breathtakingly beautiful. They’re also particularly rare, and, in fact, account for just 1% of diamond production around the world. For that reason alone, pink diamonds certainly don’t come cheap, costing up to twenty times more than white diamonds of the same size. Their rarity and elegance also make pink diamonds an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings (just look at Mariah Carey and Victoria Beckman for examples). On the other hand, if you’re looking for a special engagement ring, yet pink diamonds are out of your budget, pink gemstone engagement rings are a stunning and usually more affordable alternative. For example, a pink sapphire micropavé hidden halo engagement ring features a gorgeous vivid pink gemstone center with an eye-catching, tiny band of diamonds underneath.

Green diamonds

A beautiful colored diamond, green diamonds get their color from exposure to radioactive uranium from rocks close to the surface of the earth. They also typically contain attractive shades of either gray, yellow, or blue with the most valuable and expensive having a pure green color and strong saturation (and therefore falling into the color grade of either “fancy intense” or “fancy vivid”). When it comes to selecting a complementary metal for green diamond jewelry, white metals can update the diamond with a fresh, modern look, while yellow or rose gold lends a stylish, vintage feel to green diamonds.

More than just being exceptionally beautiful, colored diamonds are also incredibly rare, which makes them a highly-coveted jewel. Whether you opt for yellow, pink, or green, a colored diamond is bound to be a sensational addition to your or a loved one’s jewelry collection.