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Top Interior Design Trends for 2022 (and Those You Need to Avoid!)

The last few years have been interesting for interior design, with many seeing their homes as a place to hibernate from the happenings of the real world. With 2022 seeing us open our doors, design trends have again started focusing on the creative rather than the pragmatic. We’ll take you through the top trends that have spruced up from this flurry of creativity, hopefully inspiring you to give each of them your own spin. 

But just as important as the design trends you should keep an eye on is which you should avoid at all costs. We’re not going to judge your aesthetic choices here, but rather point you away from trends that don’t make sense for multiple reasons. Often avoiding a trend is just as important! 

Say Yes to: Spa Bathrooms 

The bathroom of 2022 is an oasis, an escape from the realities of the outside world, of the gruelling 9 to 5. It’s a place where we can forget our worries, take a warm bath or shower, and get a glimpse of the experience of being on vacation somewhere exotic. 

The overall bathroom preference of the last couple of years is a move away from a pragmatic space to one of comfort and joy. This can be achieved even in a small space. For example, backlit mirrors give you that air of spa luxury. Rainfall showerheads will relax your muscles, give you a comfortable clean, and the broad water coverage is just a more enjoyable experience. Heated flooring, large mirrors, and large wall tiles are also worth considering! 

Say Yes to: Home Libraries 

2020 was a seismic year for most of us, and the interior design trend implications still reverberate today. Many families have realized just how important it is to invest in the home, creating a cozy environment where we can live, learn, and spend time with each other. 

We’ve also come to realize that our addiction to our screens is just unhealthy. That’s why we’re seeing the home library taking a place of pride in many homes today. And it never should have left, to be honest. 

The home library can either be an entire room, or just a wee nook in your living room. It’s more about the idea, rather than the specific layout or configuration. It’s a place where you show off your books, have a comfortable place to sit back and disappear in the worlds the authors created. 

Avoid: Faux-Distressed Farmhouse 

The distressed, shabby chic farmhouse aesthetic has dominated for years, but it’s starting to feel a little dated. Faux-distressed furniture in particular, just like those once-hot ripped Abercrombie jeans (although they’re now making a comeback, go figure), is now giving vibes of trying too hard. The farmhouse look will still have its place, just with a little more authenticity.  

Instead, look for pieces of furniture with some actual wear on them. Authenticity trumps a try-hard any day, and that counts for furniture also. Plus, there’s a certain satisfaction you get from buying used. You do your part for the environment, it’s generally cheaper, and you get all that history from the vintage piece. 

Say Yes to: Patterns! 

Previous years have been all about minimalism and monochromatic styles. They can look great, but they can be a little soulless and without personality. We’re not saying you should avoid it entirely, but you may want to consider injecting a little bit of pattern play. 

Patterns will give your home a personality, something that shows who you are. The best thing to do is to pick a single element, such as a rug, wall, or fabric. If you overdo it, your interior will look a little too chaotic and distracting. 

Avoid: Velvet

George Costanza may have loved velvet, but it’s had its day. The velvet sofa may have been trendy a few years ago, but it’s definitely showing its age in 2022. It’s not just the look, but the extra work we have to do to re-plump and stroke down after every use. 

Instead, move to tactile textiles that are cozy and ooze slow living. Your living room should be welcoming, with your couch a comfortable cocoon you can just disappear into. If you really love velvet, use it as an accent, rather than the main attraction. It will make the upkeep far easier! 

Opt for Evergreen Styles 

Perhaps the top takeaway when thinking about interior design trends is to opt for classic looks that can stand the test of time. Nuanced homages to the trends of the season are fine, as long as they can be somewhat easily replaced. 

Unless you have buckets of cash to spare (and the time to boot!), it makes the most sense to go for classic styles that never go out of fashion. Add 2022 to the details, to elements that can be refreshed without a big investment being required.