Microsoft Certification Program Outline. How Can Exam Dumps Help Make a Difference?

Microsoft certifications are chosen by candidates worldwide to level up their skills in IT and succeed in developing a career in an international company. Thus, Microsoft has developed different exams for both newbies and professionals to help them become accredited and demonstrate their skills in various IT-related jobs.

A candidate who adds any Microsoft badge to their CV lists can demonstrate to recruiters that they are trustworthy specialists and can add value to any company in the world. So, if you are curious to learn more about some of Microsoft credentials and what the latest changes in the Microsoft Certification Program are, then keep reading this article. You will also know how ExamSnap ExamSnap Certification Exam Dumps and its exam dumps can help you make a difference during your exam prep.

Ready to start a wonderful journey to the Microsoft badge program? Let’s go!

Updates in Microsoft Certification Program

It’s common knowledge that any international organization and IT professionals recognize Microsoft for being a reliable vendor of IT-related credentials, who is alwayslistening to the voices of its customers and updating its certification program to keep pace with modern technologies and stay competitive on the IT job market. That’s why in 2019, Microsoft issued new role-based credentials with a career development approach.

At the same time, they retired some of their previous badges that fall into MTA, MCSA, MCSD, and MCSE credentials and were known as product-oriented. Still, some of them are current and can be obtained, for instance, MCSA certification in SQL 2016 Database

Administration, MCSA in Windows Server, MCSE Core Infrastructure, MCSA App Builder, to mention a few. Still, note that from June 30, 2020, Microsoft will retire all these credentials and leave only new ones. This step will help candidates define their skills and apply for certain job positions that they are interested in.

Speaking about new certifications, the vendor has decided to create four pathways to help potential test-takers ease the process of choosing the badge they require:

  • Apps and infrastructure – this path includes the majority of Azure-focused certifications;
  • Data and AI – this credential is ideal for data scientists and business analysts who work with data on Azure;
  • Modern workplace – this bunch includes badges that cover products like Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, or OneDrive;
  • Business app – includes certifications that cover the Microsoft 365 Dynamics family.

Hope you find this information useful and below you’ll discover the details of the most demanded new credentials offered by Microsoft.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

This accreditation helps applicants demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge to work with and maintain Microsoft Azure solutions. Thus, its related exam, AZ-103, includes questions on how to use effectively virtual machines, deal with virtual networks, and work with Azure Active Directory. As you might know, starting with 1st of May 2019, AZ-103 exam is the only one that candidates need to take to gain the Microsoft: Azure Administrator Associate badge. This exam has replaced two previous tests (AZ-100 and AZ-101), that were retired at the beginning of May 2019.

Obtain the Certification for Enterprise Administrator Expert in Microsoft 365

This credential is of the expert level, which means that you should possess one of the associate level badges listed on the Microsoft official website. Then you have to pass two assessments MS-100 (related to Microsoft products for User Identity and Correspondent Services) and MS-101 (for Mobility and Security when using Microsoft products). The items included in the exams mentioned above test the following skills:

  • Know how to configure Microsoft 365 type of services;
  • Configure the right roles and identity measures for users;
  • Provide the necessary access to users and authentication protocols;
  • Plan the necessary measures for Office 365 apps;
  • Modern device implementation and related services management;
  • Implement security protocols and manage threats related to Microsoft 365 products;
  • Configure compliance policies in Microsoft 365

Note, that all Microsoft associate- and expert-level exams will cost you $165.

As far as you can see, obtaining Microsoft 365 badge is going to be demanding and will make you pull your socks up! But you can do it, can’t you? If not, recall all the benefits of becoming Microsoft accredited.

Benefits of Becoming Microsoft Certified

Why work hard and become Microsoft certified? Well, there are a lot of pros you can gain with Microsoft, but let’s focus on the most important ones:

  • Acknowledgment

The Microsoft corporation is renowned for its products, services, and high-quality certifications, which means that your Microsoft credential will help you open the doors of many international companies and become hired instantly, cause the majority of recruiters acknowledge this vendor’s badges as valid proof of your skills.

  • Self-fulfillment

If your field of interest isself-fulfillment, and you are a keen learner, then you just cannot be satisfied with the level you haveand always strive for perfection, thus building confidence in yourself and in what you are doing. Want to be ahead of the pack on the IT market and achieve all your career ambitions? Microsoft badges can guide you, giving you the chance of updating your skills and gaining admiration from your peers.

  • Pay Rise

Being Microsoft certified means that you are knowledgeable about all the aspects of your work and can manage all difficulties at the workplace with a finger snap. In this case, you are the real asset for the organization you are working for. According to the Global Knowledge website, an average Azure Administrator Associate can earn almost $126 yearly, which is considered one of the top-paying job roles. Want to earn more? Get Microsoft certified!

How can you pass these tricky Microsoft tests? Of course by having proper study materials!

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Now that you know a lot about Microsoft’s credentials, let’s make conclusions.


Microsoft certifications equip applicants with the relevant skills and knowledge necessary to stay up to date with the new tech tendencies and bring a lot of benefits like employer acknowledgment, self-fulfillment and a pay rise. However, to attain Microsoft badges can be a challenging task cause each exam requires in-depth preparation and determination. ExamSnap is an effective option that helps students grasp the exam’s concepts through its free or paid actual exam dumps.