Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Mumbai

Mumbai is known to be the dream city of India. With millions of people migrating to this city daily, it is a hub for people who wish to be a part of Indian film industry. The city is filled with beautiful places to visit and world class hotels, like Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai and artistic culture. Not only does it offer great career opportunities to the people visiting, but the city is home to many star celebrities and their families. Mumbai offers various tourist spots that attract people from all over the world. Some of these places are listed below:

1. Gateway of India

It is one of the most famous and distinguished monuments located in the economic capital of India. The gateway of India was built in 1924. Ever since then, it has been able to mark its presence and stand out of the large number of monuments. The Gateway of India is famously known as Mumbai’s Taj Mahal. Over the years, it has become the most popular tourist hub of the city. It is also the starting point of the Elephanta caves.

2. Colaba Causeway

Colaba causeway is the business hub of Mumbai. For people who are shopping enthusiasts, it is the most apt place to visit in the city. The entry is free of cost. It is considered to be the heart of the city. It is one of the most crowded places. It is a shopping hub where you can find not only clothes and accessories, but other items as well. For example, Home décor items, antiques, etc. The street also has a large number of pretty and affordable cafes making it all the way more exciting and pretty.

3. The Taj Hotel

The Taj Mahal Palace, also known as The Taj Hotel, was opened in 1903. It is considered to be the first harbour landmark of the country. It witnessed a terrorist attack in 2008 but has never lost its charm. It is a historical wonder with the most efficient staff and beautiful interior across the country. It is also the first building in India to secure a trademark for image to protect its unique architectural design. Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai is one of the most expensive and luxurious stays in the country. It provides world class service with an efficiently trained staff.

4. Juhu Beach

Juhu beach is often known as Juhu Chowpatty beach is a long stretch along the coastline of Mumbai. The beach of Juhu is covered with mouth-watering street food peddlers. You could easily find people playing cricket on the long stretches. For local people, it is a place to spend their summer evenings on. For visitors, it is a scenic place where they can find tasty food and cooling breeze.

5. Siddhivinayak Temple

Siddhivinayak temple is a heritage site dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This temple was constructed in the year 1801 by a childless couple. It is am wonderful example of Hindu mythology. It is believed that Lord Ganesha is self-manifested here and grants wishes to people. It is also the richest temple in Mumbai, as it has been getting maximum donations across the world.

6. Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah is set at the charming view of the Arabian sea on the southern coast of Mumbai near Worli. This dargah was dedicated to a wealthy merchant who gave up all his belongings. After that, he turned into a Muslim Sufi Saint after visiting Mecca. It is built in form of a glass and stone tomb. The main attraction of this dargah is that according to Islamic culture, it has separate rooms for ladies and gents to pray in.

7. Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves is an UNESCO world heritage site located at a mere distance of 11 kilometres from the main city. Elephanta caves is an example of wonderful rock cut art and stone architecture. This is a medieval Indian site with beautiful and largely spread gardens. Elephanta caves also provide a breath-taking view of the skyline in Mumbai.

8. Bandra Worli sea link

Bandra Worli sea link is an overhead bridge built across the arc of the coastline of Mumbai. This bridge connects the most important parts of the city together. It is an example of Civil engineering wonder that reflects not only the modernity of infrastructure in Mumbai but also the dedication and hard work of its citizens. Bandra Worli sea link is a beautiful thing for the eyes.

9. Prince of Wales Museum

Prince of Wales Museum is considered to be one of the most splendid art works in Mumbai. It is also considered to be heritage architecture. Owing to its great artefacts and infrastructural design, this museum is one of the most highly rated places in Mumbai. It has exquisite artefacts from ancient to modern age period.

10. Essel World

Essel World is situated on the edge of the northern suburbs of this city. It is the most favourite and visited adventure park in the city. It is considered to be the best themed and best water park in the city. During the summers, it is an ideal place to visit as you can go and enjoy best water rides and fun events.

11. Film City Mumbai

Indian film city is one of the biggest film cities in the world. It is a place where differentiating between what is true and what is fake is nearly impossible. It is truly the place where you can live your dreams for a few moments. It has movie sets in place for tourist visits. All you have to do is to buy a pass and get it. Once you go there, you would never want to come back.

The Bottom Line

There are so many things that can be explored in this city that any form of literature will not be sufficient to contain their greatness and beauty. For any person who loves art, nature, technology and basically everything, Mumbai is a feast. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises are an additional perk of visiting Mumbai.