Everything You Should Know About Decora Kei And How To Style It

Most people are on a never-ending search to find new and unique ways to express themselves. Perhaps the best way to let your creative side shine through is by wearing eye-catching clothing. With all of the different fashion styles on the market, choosing the best one to represent your uniqueness can be difficult.

The average person spends thousands of dollars every year on new clothing. If you feel like your existing style is a bit boring and want to liven things up, then you need to explore Decora Kei. Read below to find more about Decora Kei and how to style it properly.

What is Decora Kei?

The Japanese word for decorative is Decora. The origins of Decora Kei can be traced to the Japanese city of Shibuya. The part of Shibuya known as Harajuku has been a well-known fashion hub for decades. The Decora Kei style requires you to decorate yourself from head to toe in layers of pink and cheaper-looking accessories.

Many Decora Kei enthusiasts also dress in a way that reminds most people of a Christmas tree. In the 1970s, Japanese teen culture influenced most of the fashion coming out of the Harajuku district. The Decora Kei style is said to represent the outrageous spirit and rebelliousness that is common in teens in this part of the world. Now that you know more about decora kei fashion, it is time to discuss how to style it properly.

Bringing Your Love of Decora Kei To Life

If you want to showcase your love of Decora Kei, then you need to incorporate a few basic elements into your outfit. The staple of any great Decora Kei outfit is extremely loud and bright colors. Generally, shades of pink are used to create a girly allure. Ideally, you want to mishmash as many bright colors and textures as you can to fully represent the Decora Kei style.

The tops used by Decora Kei enthusiasts generally feature cartoon characters like the Care Bears, Hello Kitty and even Pokémon. These outfits are usually accessorized with high-top sneakers, stuffed toys and brightly-colored bracelets. Decora Kei enthusiasts also use brightly colored hair dye to complete their outfits.

Generally, Decora Kei girls wear very little makeup. Makeup is generally replaced by brightly colored stickers which are placed directly on the face. You will also see Decora Kei girls wearing plastic rings and glass bracelets.

These accessories are usually rainbow-colored and are designed to add depth to a Decora Kei outfit. Luckily, there are tons of online clothing and accessory suppliers that sell Decora Kei items for a competitive price. With a bit of online research, you should have no problem finding the Decora Kei outfits and accessories you want.

The Decora Kei style has been popular around the world for many years. If you enjoy brightly colored clothing and accessories, then this is definitely a style you need to try. By following the tips in this article, you can create an appealing Decora Kei outfit.