Top Tips for Planning a Birthday Party Abroad

A birthday is an incredibly special occasion and the amount of focus put on someone’s birthday really does vary. Some people would love to have a massive party and fuss made over them whilst others would prefer to just spend it with their partner, a nice meal or similar. If it is a special birthday (like 18th, 21st or 40th) then sometimes people will go to all sorts of lengths to celebrate. This could even include a trip abroad! If someone has hit the legal age to drink, why not jump on a flight to somewhere sunny with some friends and celebrate! If this is the intention, then here are some tips for planning that special event.

Protect yourself with Insurance

No matter what country it is you are going to abroad, you need to make sure you consider purchasing travel insurance. It is important to remember that most countries do not have things such as healthcare, free at the point of use like the UK and if you need to use health services abroad, this may come at a hefty price. Companies such as Staysure travel insurance offer comprehensive cover at good rates that can be purchased easily online. The level of travel insurance that you purchase can be modified to cover things such as lost luggage, legal support or even cancellation of your trip. You can select this all online and make the necessary amendments to suit. One thing to ensure you have attention to is the excess amount. The more excess that you select, the cheaper the insurance policy will be. For example, if you take out a policy on zero excess, this will make it more expensive. What the excess means is that, if you are making a claim against the insurance policy of say £1,000 and your excess is £200, you would only receive £800. It is also worth noting that depending on what country you are visiting, it may actually be mandated for you to take out insurance and provide evidence of this upon entry.

Covid-19 Restrictions

As lockdown and restrictions have eased significantly in the UK, do not automatically assume that this is the same for the rest of the world. Unfortunately, in different areas of the world there is still a level of Covid-19 restrictions which include lockdowns. Covid-19 has not disappeared from our lives and people are dealing with it in many different ways therefore it is important to respect others wishes on this. The majority of countries have now removed their mandate to provide evidence of vaccinations on arrival however this still exists in some places. The best source of advice for this would be the government travel website where they will give you details on the country you are visiting, and any restrictions connected to it. 

Hotel for large Groups

Not all hotels are suitable for large groups of people travelling for parties, in fact AirBnB has recently announced a “global party ban” because of the effect it’s having on hosts. This is also sometimes age specific. Some hotels abroad are more suited for the older traveller and others for the younger traveller. Along with that will come certain restrictions in terms of number of people booked within a room, limitations on when you can get into the hotel (timings) and also policies around drinking at poolside etc. It is therefore important to not jump into the first hotel you see online and read the details and peoples reviews around it. If you get this wrong, you could end up not having the type of holiday that you anticipated.