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5 Tips to Care for Your Nails

Whether you have a habit of biting or picking your cuticles, or you’re the kind of person who likes painting your nails, you likely love perfectly manicured and healthy nails. You’ll look more polished and youthful with groomed fingertips. If you’re getting concerned about the looks of your fingers, it’s time to take steps to keep them in good shape.

Here are five tips for caring for your nails and keeping them attractive and healthy.

1. Use a Base Coat for Protection

If you are a fan of nail painting, don’t forget to use a base coat. This will protect your nails and shield them from nail polish stains. It will also help the paint color look opaque and more saturated, even if you use a single coat.

Adding a top coat is an excellent idea to protect your manicure from chipping. The top coat adds gloss to your nails and seals the color of the polish. You can add a top coat every three days for better protection.

Another great method of protection is to use a pink press on nails. These are more durable than polish and require less mess.

2. Always Keep Your Fingers Clean

Try to keep your nails clean by washing your hands regularly. Doing so will ensure your nails are free of grime and other dirty stuff. If you have to remove polish from your hands, use an acetone-free agent.

You can then use a toothbrush and soap to scrub your nails and the surrounding skin gently. This will help exfoliate dead, dry skin and remove all the dirt.

Don’t be harsh on your nails, and never use drying chemicals on them. Also, remember not to keep your fingers in water for too long, as this might weaken any polish.

3. Focus More on Health Than Length

Long sets are attractive, but if you struggle with breakages or hangnails, it’s better to keep your set short and healthy.

Short nails are elegant, especially if they have rounded edges. They are also easier to manage, meaning you’ll not have to expose them to constant wear and tear. If you can make your nails have the same shape and match one another, you won’t miss long sets.

4. Do Not Remove or Trim the Cuticle

Cuticles play a significant role in protecting your fingernails. The dead skin seals the base of your nail, protecting it against damage.

That’s why you should not remove or cut it. Damaging it will remove that sealing protection and expose your fingernails to bacteria, which can cause infection.

If you feel like it’s essential to push the cuticle back a little, do so only once a week using a soft wooden stick, preferably after showering. After that, you can use a cuticle treatment or oil to massage it.

5. Rethink Your Products

Not all products are safe. Some can damage your nails, while some can cause serious medical complications, including cancer.

For example, rather than using those old files that can lead to peeling and splitting, buy a modern crystal or glass file. And if you have to use a polish remover, make sure it’s acetone-free and has hydrating ingredients and oils. Lastly, don’t fall for these so-called nail growth or treatment products. Most of these products are merely polishes with some chemical additives that can harm your fingers.

Have Stronger, Healthier Nails

Taking care of your nails doesn’t have to be expensive. By following the tips above, you’ll have clean, strong, and elegant nails. You’ll also save the amount you’d have spent on a dermatologist. However, if you feel that yours are too weak or you suspect you have an infection, it’s best to seek medical help.