Types of Shoes for Dancers: Top Tips

There are different styles of dances that require specific outfits, and the choice of shoes depends on the style you perform. After reading these essential tips for beginners, you can pick the shoes based on recommendations from the blog. You can easily be confused by the wide range of shoes offered in the dance stores.

Types of the shoes you may be interested in:

  • Ballroom dance shoes for ballroom-type dances, including salsa, waltz, foxtrot, tango, bachata, and samba;
  • Tap shoes for tap dances;
  • Dance sneakers for hip-hop or Zumba;
  • Ballet shoes or pointe shoes for ballet;
  • Flamenco shoes for flamenco;
  • Foot thongs for training, for contemporary dances;
  • Jazz shoes for jazz dances;
  • Ghillies are for several Irish and Scottish dances, including Irish dance, Highland dance, and Scottish country dance.

If you have finally realized you can easily pick shoes based on dancing style, wait for a second! It is not that easy. Your choice may differ because of the current location and the activity you perform. For example, in the ballet, you will have to choose your shoes among the following option:

  • Pointe shoes, which usually require at least 4 years of training and are the most suitable for performances;
  • Leather ballet shoes or canvas models are perfect for training. They can be used for beginners;
  • Demi pointe shoes are your prime options for training after 2-3 years of dancing.

No matter which dance style you choose, you need to have one pair for training and another for the performances. Sometimes these shoes may differ completely. You can use your training shoes only in school. Yet, you have to make sure you can easily dance in your shoes for performances and competitions.

Tips on Picking Best Shoes for Dancing

There are some vital factors to keep in mind while picking the footwear for dances. Here they are:

  • Functionality. You have to know what you want from your dancing shoes in the first place. If you want them to be for performances only, you will not be able to use them during your training, or they will lose their original beauty. Moreover, you have to select the style of dance you want to master your skills at. It is a waste of money to buy ballet pointe shoes for hip-hop unless you dance contemporary style;
  • Perfect fit. If the shoes you pick are too tight, small, or loose, you will not be able to wear them for a long time or move in them properly. In the real world, you will just leave them to stand somewhere in the corner, buy the new one, and forget about the old pair. The best way to find your perfect shoes is to wear them in the store. Yet, not everyone has this option, and the Covid-19 lockdown proved that online stores have much more benefits than you expected. That’s why if you are ordering shoes online, you should take measures of your foot, including the width. Make sure your size matches the size the manufacturer recommends;
  • Materials. Pay attention to the quality of the material since you will wear these shoes a lot. They must be durable and easy to wash. The best option is if they have double stitching on the sides and are made of breathable material. The sole must be not slippery and have a tight grip on the dancing floor;
  • Comfort. Extra comfort for your feet is the major benefit you want to find in the dance shoes. You will spend hours dancing and moving in these shoes. The fabric inside must be breathable and natural. It must not be slippery. Even if you have pointe shoes made of silk, the inside fabric is usually made of cotton. Make sure your shoes will not slip off your feet during the dance. Pay attention to the fixation of the shoes on your feet, especially around the arc;
  • Proper construction. Shoes for dancing must be properly designed. Even if they look similar to your daily shoes, they should support your feet better. Usually, dancers prefer to buy specific shoes made by manufacturers specialized in dancing shoes. These companies have a history of dancing shoe making and supplying them to professional dancers around the world. Such shoes can have extra protection on your toes or heels. Some of them come with flat or separated soles to prevent injuries.

Don’t buy shoes if you are not 100 percent sure of the quality. Even if you can’t check out the material by touching the model, you can always read the description on the company’s website or the store. It is better to check the reviews from other dancers. Thus, you will not get tricked by unknown manufacturers with low-quality products.

Another important factor you have to consider is the price. Dancing shoes do not have to be too expensive. Yet, the price must be fair based on the material, unique features the shoe provides, and comfort level. If you can’t buy professional dance shoes, don’t rush with it. You may start training in simple models with a solid market reputation. Once you move further and improve your skills, you can consider buying prime quality shoes for performances. Usually, they are pricy and decorated with precious stones or ribbons.

Shoes to Start Dancing Routine

You don’t need to have expensive shoes to start practicing. First of all, they should be comfortable, suitable for your dance style, and easy to wash. Once you learn how to dance, you can choose your perfect shoes. You may even switch for the next-level shoes after you reach your goal and make your moves more advanced. Follow recommendations, and you will find your perfect pair.