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5 Mattress Types: The Perfect Fit for Your Bed

Replacing a bed mattress causes stress in the majority of people. Except for size, there are many criteria to consider when investing in one, and the modern market is overwhelmed with different firmness ratings and materials to choose from. Before maximizing your comfort with the best sheets for purple mattress or any other mattress color you have, learn all the possibilities at hand. The below guide is an ultimate compilation of various mattress types on the modern market, so read on to understand which item is the perfect selection for your needs.

Switching From Old to New: Proper Timing

The basic rule is that any mattress requires replacement after being in use for ten years or more. However, if you feel back pain in the morning after sleeping in your bed, you don’t have to wait any longer. The lumps and bumps in your mattress also clarify that it’s time to think about a new option. 

Your mattress lifespan is greatly determined by its type and the materials used. Some options can last more than 10 years if you care for them properly. For instance, latex and memory foam mattresses are known to be the most durable.

5 Trendy Types of Mattresses

Before we jump into the details on choosing the perfect option for your bed, let’s examine the pros and cons of the most widespread types of mattresses on the market. The most typical varieties of mattresses include:

  • memory foam;
  • innerspring;
  • hybrid;
  • latex;
  • adjustable air. 

Memory foam 

Memory foam was invented by NASA in the 1970s, and since that time, it has become a widespread material in modern mattresses and pillows. When you purchase a foam mattress, you can say “goodbye” to those uncomfortable, exhausting nights with non-breathable, sweaty, and sticky mattresses. The modern market flourishes with a bunch of foam mattresses of decent quality at an affordable price.

Memory foam or Visco Elastic foam comes with an advantage that makes it outstanding among its competitors. It adjusts to the curves of your body and equally spreads your weight over the entire surface. This characteristic is a life savior if you suffer from achy joints or pain caused by staying in the lying position for too long. Memory foam is also well-known for its heat-activated capacities: It reacts to your body temperature and softens and contours when you lay on the bed.


The innerspring alternative is a standard design of mattress on the modern market. Developed in 1857, these items have become more stable and comfy due to the constant updates. The models come with a steel coil support technique. The coils in such a mattress are either individually wrapped or connected:

  • In the first case, the coils work independently from each other. It’s a great alternative for couples: When your partner twists at night, you will hardly feel any bounce;
  • A connected design has the coils arranged into a single unit, so the mattress is bouncier. Therefore, your partner might wake you up at night when rolling over the bed.


Hybrids make a perfect combination of advanced memory foam technology with a usual innerspring base, creating a surface that grants you excellent support and durability. This option provides a sleeper with a couple of undeniable advantages:

  • you will feel less motion transfer due to the individual coil feature. This characteristic helps them get more rejuvenating sleep;
  • the bed with such a mattress is somewhat bouncier but preserves the look of a traditional sleep surface;
  • such a mattress is hypoallergenic: The foam topping ensures that your bed is resistant to allergens, mold, and pests such as bed bugs and dust mites.

However, all these perks come at a certain cost: Hybrids are among the most expensive options you can find. If you are ready to pay for outstanding quality, you can pick your fit from $550 to $4000.


Latex mattresses first saw the world in the 1930s. Because their technology implied high material and production costs, they were far out of reach for an average consumer.

Since then, this option has become a trend among users looking for a solution to get back pain relief. A mattress made of latex can satisfy you if you are an eco-conscious person: This material is environmentally friendly. The reason lies in the petroleum-based materials that producers apply to such a mattress. The material is resilient and grants great support, relieving the pressure off areas like the shoulders and hips. Numerous sleepers have chosen this mattress type as it aids with proper body alignment. Besides, latex suppresses motion, which can come in handy if your partner constantly tosses and turns at night.

Adjustable air

You might have heard of such mattresses used mainly outdoors for camping. However, developers have come further and brought air technology into the bedroom. Independent air chambers are adjustable: You can regulate the desired firmness to improve your sleeping experience. Producers usually cover air chambers with padding and upholstery materials such as memory foam or latex. What you get is a welcoming sleep surface to relax during nighttime.

Most air beds are equipped with a remote control function that empowers you to adjust the firmness to the level that suits your body requirements. This option is a perfect fit for couples who prefer different sleep settings. Numerous air chambers in the construction enable each of you to individually adjust your side of the bed. This option can drain your wallet like nothing else, ranging from $500 to $10-$15k. 

The Right Fit for Your Bed

A mattress is a major investment in the home that has a great impact on the quality of your daily and nightlife. As there are many various types of mattresses, buying one can be stressful. We have tried to narrow down the alternatives by comfort, quality, and cost. Hopefully, now you are ready to make a well-informed decision, choose the mattress that will grant you ultimate support at night, and last for years.