Types Of Sockets You can Use in TV Aerial Installation

You are thinking of installing the TV aerial set up in your home then for sure you also want to know about which type of equipment will be used in the installation. Especially the type of sockets you have to use in the installation or setup. So are you in the search of information where you could get the knowledge about the sockets used in the tv aerial installation then you are at the right place. In this article I will tell you about the different types of sockets you can use in the tv aerial installation.

There are different types of sockets available in the market, the most famous and usually used sockets are mentioned below.

IEC Coax Sockets

The most common and famous type of TV aerials socket that most people will be familiar with is the IEC coaxial socket. This type of socket is most common for TV aerial installation, but is also commonly used for FM radio. To connect to this wall plate you will need a flying cable or a cable with a coaxial IEC connector on the end, the type of coaxial cable connector you need depends on whether the wall plate has a male or female connection .

Well the IEC coax socket is usually used with TV and FM radio. It can also be used for DAB and satellite radio as long as the wall plate is DC feed-through. We will get there later.

Male IEC Coax Socket

The opposite of the female plug is the male plug for obvious reasons. If you have a male plug, you will need a cable with a female plug installed or a male plug with a coax coupler installed. This will provide you with a feminine connection. It is also common to buy RF cables that have a female connection on one end and a male connection on the other. They are typically installed to connect and disconnect from your computer, which is common when you have a Freeview recorder, such as a BT Vision box, and loopback to digital TV.

The other socket is the female socket that is very necessary if you are using the male socket, because for providing the proper input to the tv you need a female socket with the male socket.