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Ultimate Guide to Formal Men Suits

Since ages, men have adorned themselves in formal suits. Started with something that could only be worn by the elite, it is now worn by people from all walks of life. They have always been a symbol of chivalry, bravery, and class, even with the changes over the years. Emerged in the West, they are now recognized as formal wear for men over the globe. They stand as the most desired piece of clothing for men for formal clothing.

Reasons for the Popularity of Suits:

  • Accepted formal wear over the globe.
  • Adds charm to the personality.
  • Is formal but subtle and classy.
  • Transforms the look of the person.
  • Looks good on everyone.

Suits can be worn to meetings, weddings, formal events, parties and also Mens Church Suits are available in the market. These garments can also be availed by visiting premium websites like Men’s Suit World who offer the best quality products at affordable rates.

Types of Suits:

During the time of the revolution of suits, different countries adopted cuts of suits which suited them the most. In this manner, a vast variety of styles of suits emerged. In today’s time, the following are the most desired and accepted; slim fit, modern fit and classic fit. These sizes work differently on different types of body.

These fits can then be customized into:

  • Single Breasted Suit

These are most prevalent in suits. Their look is simple with buttons aligned on one side of the suit. They enhance a slim look. They can be customized with the accessories for any occasion. These are most frequently adorned with notch lapels. Most men wear these.

  • Double Breasted Suit

This type of suit gives an illusion of wideness. This double-breasted suit is complemented with buttons on either side of the suit. These are considered more formal and can be worn over a waistcoat. Since they can make a person look wide by the buttons’ symmetry, these are not preferred by bulky men.

  • Unstructured Blazer

These are utilized more as jackets than blazers because of the easy and casual look. Made of lighter material they are easy to get on and is easy on the stiffness over the shoulders and along with the suit as well. These have become popular in contemporary times since they can be dressed up and dressed down as per the requirement of the occasion.

These blazers can further be customized according to the occasion:

  • Tuxedos – These are designed for special ceremonial occasions. These incorporate satin and is complemented by a bow mostly rather than a tie.
  • Wedding Suits – Luxurious fabrics such as velveteen is used to tailor weddings suits to give them a sheen. These are usually of simple cuts and are accessorized with lapels.
  • Dinner Suits – These are often of slim fit and are designed in a casual way for a semi-formal look.
  • Men’s Church Suits – Wore on Sundays to church, men’s church suits can be designed in contemporary or need looks.
  • Business Suits – These are not experimented much to keep the elegance of a suit at work. Often, found to be made in dark colors.

These suits are made out of cotton, terry wool, and satin and can be customized as solids, patterned or plaid.

Men’s suits have evolved over the years, but the popularity of the original ones remained untouched and unmatched to other men’s garments.