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A Few Famous Men Who Pull Off Hats

Throughout history, there have been different types of men’s hats that have left their mark on popular culture. And even today, there are various hat styles that are still considered to be perfectly fashionable. With that said however, we still don’t see all that many, and this seems to compound things. Some men are shy about wearing hats because they don’t see many, and thus we all wind up seeing even fewer than we would! 

Where we do see a fair share of fashionable men’s hats, however, is in celebrity circles. Only the most confident and stylish of them can get away looking dapper. Today, many up-and-coming stars want to take center stage and steal the scene with stylish hats, just like Gavin Magnus. Related: Can Gavin Magnus Pull Off a Hat? So, with the hope that some might find themselves newly inspired, here’s our look at some famous men who regularly pull off everyday hats.

 Credit: therealadamsavage Instagram  

Adam Savage

The special effects artist famous for hosting Mythbusters is known to cover his head with a Bushman, or occasionally an Akubra. However, he’s mostly recognized for wearing a replica of the iconic fedora Indiana Jones wears in films. Savage’s love for this particular movie led him to hire the services of Mark Kitter, a man who taught himself how to make hats just to replicate this beloved model. As a result, the TV star ended up with the perfect hat for a man who dedicates his life to recreating movie scenes and replicas!

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In the early 1990s, glam rock ruled the world of music. And behind one of the most successful bands of the time, Guns n’ Roses, there was a man creating unforgettable guitar solos. Slash, as his fans all around the world know him, was (and still is) famous for his unruly hair and big top hat. If you have a hard time remembering his face though, that’s by design. Slash attributes the choice of the hat to his tendency to feel nervous when performing in front of a crowd. The hat allowed him to put his hair in front, covering his face and establishing a sort of performance persona through which he could work his magic. 

Credit: magopoker Instagram

Doyle Brunson

Now considered to be a true legend of poker, Doyle Brunson became a celebrity figure over the course of several decades of competition at the highest level. Indeed, he’s still playing poker professionally today, well into his 80s. Fans of pro poker will be familiar with Brunson’s tendency to wear a cowboy hat at the tables. Wearing headgear and glasses is not uncommon among professional poker players, as they need to hide even the most subtle reaction to a good or bad hand or card reveal. In the case of Brunson, however, the hat has a different explanation: He’s a proud Texan and wearing a cowboy hat is a way for him to remind himself and others of his roots.

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Johnny Depp

The actor famous for playing Edward Scissorhands and Captain Jack Sparrow seems prone to dressing in bizarre, informal, yet oddly stylish ways. He’s also been partial to wearing hats at least since his first days as the star of the TV show 21 Jump Street. While Johnny Depp mostly wears different light-colored fedoras, he has also worn a range of other pieces like a boat captain’s hat, baseball hats, and even beanies, which he uses to manage his long hair.

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Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is not only famous for his musical accomplishments and occasional TV hosting roles. His sense of style earned him contracts to collaborate with adidas in an eco-friendly line of clothing and to create numerous fragrances with Comme des Garçons. Williams is also known for his love for hats, often favoring unusually tall models like the Vivienne Westwood hats of different colors he has worn at award ceremonies and during live performances. The singer also likes to play with unusual looks, such as wearing a paperboy-style cap, and even a small crown –– always managing to look stylish regardless. 

Frank Sinatra 

Frank Sinatra was known for his impeccable style; a vital part of that style was his trademark fedora hat. Sinatra often wore fedoras in various colors, including black, gray, and tan, and he wore them at multiple angles to create different looks. 

His fedora became such an iconic part of his image that it is often used as a symbol of the ‘Rat Pack’ era and the golden age of Hollywood. Sinatra’s ability to effortlessly pull off a fedora helped cement it as a classic style accessory, and his influence can still be seen in how people wear fedoras today.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is known for his effortless and timeless style and has been seen wearing various hats throughout his career. One of his go-to hat styles is the classic newsboy cap, which he has been known to wear on and off-screen. Pitt often pairs the cap with a casual outfit, such as a plain T-shirt and jeans, to give it a touch of sophistication. Pitt has also been spotted wearing a beanie on colder days, often pairing it with a leather jacket or a bomber jacket for a rugged yet stylish look.


Hats are versatile accessories. Different models can have vastly different effects depending on who is wearing them and where. But for these successful men, hats have become more than great additions to their wardrobes. They are aspects of their brands, and clear demonstrations of how well hats can still work for men today.