What is 18K Gold so Popular?

18K gold is an alloy, which is an alloy of 24K gold mixed with other precious metals. Its English is KaratGold, so it is called K gold for short. Karat is a unit of measurement of K gold, which divides pure gold into 24 parts. Depending on the amount of gold in jewelry, it is divided into different carats, so 24K refers to pure gold, 18K gold content is 18/24 = 75.0% because the content of 18K gold is 75.0%, so it is also called AU750. 18K gold birthstone ringis gold that is melted together with 75% gold and 25% other precious metals.

Due to the different composition of 25% of other precious metals, 18K gold of different colors can be accommodated. For example, 18K white gold is made with 25% silver zinc nickel; with 25% copper, it can be blended into rose red 18K gold and so on. 18k goldcute necklaces for a girlfriend is generally seen in the market in three colors, white, yellow and red. The mark of common jewelry is AU750. As long as it is 18K jewelry, there are AU750 prints on it.

Will 18K change color?

18k itself does not change color, but because there is a coating on the outer surface of 18K gold, some behaviors in life may cause the coating to fall off, and show the original color of 18 karat gold.Some behaviors in everyday life can cause coating wear.

For example, when doing housework, bathing, applying cosmetics, or rubbing against other hard objects, different degrees of wear may occur. After the coating is worn, the true color of 18K gold will be exposed. This is why wear 18K goldpersonalized birthstone necklace for a long time will appear pale yellow and white, and it is a very normal phenomenon. Just like gold, it will darken as long as it is worn. In fact, the degree of wearing jewelry is closely related to your wearing habits.

What can you do with 18K discoloration?

It is a normal phenomenon that discoloration occurs. Although 18K gold may appear yellowing after one or two consecutive years of wear, the 18K inlaid diamond has the best firmness compared to other metal materials.As long as it is qualified by the qualitypersonalized mothers rings inspection center,it’s not about quality. If there is discoloration, you can go directly to your seller or the relevant place for maintenance.

After the discoloration of the 18K gold jewelry, simply polish the surface coating, and then re-plated, it will restore its original luster and almost no gold loss. So if the 18K gold jewelry has a slight color change over a long period of time, don’t feel surprised, it’s not a quality problem. You just need to maintain it, just like the car has to be properly maintained for a long time.

Now more and more jewelry is using 18K gold?

If you are a frequent visitor to the jewelry store, you will notice that most of the jewelry on the market is set with 18k gold necklace photo. Like the diamonds, gems, and jade we see, these expensive jewels are inlaid with 18K gold.

Why is 18K gold so favored?

The first advantage of 18K gold diamond ring: 18K gold’s hardness and toughness is higher than platinum, so you can use a variety of processing techniques to create a variety of unique styles.No other metal can match it. If you want to smooth and dazzle friendship rings, you can polish. If you want to pattern, you can engrave figures. If you want a matte solid,you can sandblast. If you want fine temperament, you can sand, and so on.There is always a craft to show your unique temperament.

The second advantage of 18K gold diamond ring: 18K gold is convenient to recycle. So consumers can trade in their old ones for new ones by recycling them at the gold store. Ordinary gold shops recycle old gold (18K gold) jewelry, while there are few channels to recycle old platinum jewelry in the market.