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What Is A Beautyforever Lace Frontal Wig?

There are many types of wigs, so it can be confusing to know what makes one different. Today we will talk about Lace Frontal and its features.

What is a lace frontal wig?

Lace frontal wig, or lace front wig, is a wig made with frontal. The frontal is a piece of hair made with lace or silk that completes the wig or knit on the top of the head. Its job is to combine the hairline and the natural skin, giving the scalp the illusion. It extends from ear to ear and extends at least 4 inches to the back of the head.

The frontal wigs are ideal for people who want their wigs to look as natural as possible, and can even help people with thinning hair. A frontal wig gives more styling options and provides full coverage of the hairline as well as the imitation of the scalp. This is the most popular type of lace wig.

Features a lace frontal wig


The thing that separates the lace front wig from the regular wig is the lace. Initially, lace front wigs were used in the Hollywood industry to transform actors for movies. The lace was designed to make the wig’s hairline look natural, and unrecognizable on camera. Eventually, celebrities began wearing these best wigs outside movie sets, increasing the demand for lace front wigs for the general population.

Usually, the lace front is made with silk lace, which is very translucent and delicate. However, a lace front can be made with different types of lace – all with different levels of transparency. HD lace is the thinnest and softest lace you can buy in the market. It creates the most natural look on your scalp and is the most eye-catching.

The lace on the front wig extends to the entire front of the head – from ear to ear. Some laces are fitted in the front which extends up to 4 inches to the back of the head and some extends to the back to create the illusion that the hair is coming out of the scalp.


Lace front wigs are considered to be of a very high standard, because of the effort required to make them. However, lace front wigs also vary in quality, depending on the type of lace used for the wig and the hair. The lace used for the front is made of either lace or silk.


The main aspect of a lace front wig is its versatility. Due to the increase in lace in the front, lace front wigs are more versatile in the way you can get it. Depending on how far the lace goes for the front lace, you can split the hair in any direction and wherever you want.

The frontals also have laces around the front edges, so like a lace front wig, anyone can style a child’s hair to make the hairpiece look more natural. Rarely does a lace front fit the buyer, so it may need to be customized. The hairline can be broken and the lace can be dyed to make it look more natural.

How long can I wear a lace front wig?

The timing of your lace front wig can vary. Generally, lace front wigs can be worn for up to six weeks without being removed. However, there are some factors that will play a role in how long a lace front wig can be worn.

One of the most important factors is the method and product used to apply the wig in the first place. Care is also an important factor in determining how long you can wear a lace front wig. If a wig is well maintained, it can last more than 6 months.

The Final Word

Lace frontal wigs are a great option for those who need a more natural looking alternative to their real hair.