What to Look For in Online Casino Bonuses

Most people believe that bonuses are the best part of online casino games. But ask any veteran online casino player and they’ll give you a different answer. Sure, online casino bonuses are great for promotions and getting business for the casino. They claim lots of advantages to players like free credits, bonus cash, free spins, etc. But are they really advantageous to the players? While the flashing bonus cards may scream advantages for players, it’s the terms and conditions that tell you the real truth. And that’s why you should always read the terms of a bonus carefully before claiming one. Here are a few things you should look out for in online casino bonuses.

Bonus Terms and Time Limits

The bonus terms state the bonus percentage or number of free spins, or the conditions you must fulfill to avail the offer like wagering requirements etc. Hence, it is better to carefully read the terms before you claim any bonus. And yes, we know that these lengthy prints sound a lot like legal jargon to most of us. However, reading the fine print is the best way to know what the bonus truly offers. Alternatively, you can visit an online forum or blog for more information. All the best bonus offers and codes can be found here.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are a part and parcel of almost all online casino bonuses. Most casinos require you to rollover your bonus a certain number of times to be able to cash it out. Wagering requirements are often require you to bet way more than the bonus amount offered to you. In most cases, if you try to withdraw your winnings before meeting the wagering requirements, you have to forfeit your entire bonus! However, it is always best to read the requirements thoroughly before accepting the bonus.

Restricted Games and Maximum Bets

Sometimes players try to find ways to skirt around the casino terms and get the maximum benefits of the bonuses. For example, they will try to win big on table games and then wager on slots which increases their chances of winning. To avoid such scenarios, many casinos have started placing restrictions on games you can play to meet your wagering requirements. For example, most table games are excluded from the wagering process. Another restriction casinos place is on the maximum bet you’re allowed to make with an active bonus. If your bet amount surpasses the max bet, the casino can void all your money.

Withdrawal Limits

If you thought bonuses are a great way to earn casino credits and later turn them into hard cash, you’ve got another thing coming! No online casino will dish out generous bonuses for free. These bonuses are the casino’s way to keep you hooked so that they can earn their money back. Withdrawal limits are the best example of this. These conditions place a cap on the amount of bonus generated cash you can withdraw. Even if you’ve made more money than your bonus amount, you will be allowed to withdraw as much as your withdrawal limit only.

Bonuses are the casino’s way of trying to beat the competition. Despite these unfavorable conditions, online casino bonuses do have some advantages. However, the decision to claim a bonus ultimately depends on the player.