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What Type Of Jewellery Is Making Waves This Spring?

Fashion trends come and go but what’s important is ensuring you stay on trend, whatever the trend may be! Looking at the fashion programs on TV and emerging trends through social media channels can give you a valuable insight into latest looks. All you need to do is find a retailer that ticks all the boxes in regard to design, quality and of course, good old-fashioned customer service. But that is easier said than done, it’s not as easy as ABC!

This article is intended to give you a head start regarding the latest spring jewellery trends including unusual solid silver bracelets and a whole host of other jewellery ideas that will make you stand out at your first spring event. The jewellery detailed below represents just a small sample of what’s rolling off the jewellery houses’ production lines in time for spring. For further information, Google is your friend!

Jewellery That Is Predicted To Make A Grand Entrance In Spring 2020

As previously mentioned, it is nigh impossible to include all the latest spring jewellery innovations in a short article, so the list below contains just a few examples that really stand out.

  • A Single Earring – This entry on the list may be a little contentious for some fashionistas but it makes for a very distinctive look. We’re not talking about a single stud or a simple hoop. We’re taking about very dangly creations which can actually be quite head turning if combined with the right hairstyle and clothing. It’s certainly not a look for the boardroom (unless a fashion house boardroom!) but if you can carry this look off, you can carry any look off.
  • Colourful Jewellery – For spring 2020, colourful jewellery is most certainly in. The more brightly coloured, the better. This is an easy look for almost anyone to adopt regardless of budget. From brightly coloured precious stone ensembles to the gaudiest costume jewellery, this new look is going to be a lot of fun and certainly make waves this spring. Today Yellow Diamond Earrings are also very trendy.  It will give you a simple and classy look. So, here you can find a very beautiful earrings for you and for your loved one.
  • Oversized Chunky Necklaces – This is quite a tricky one to pull off, but it can be done. You’ll need to be confident to wear this as it’s is a very bold fashion statement that will certainly make you stand out wherever you may be.
  • Unusual Solid Silver Jewellery – Although a certain style or design may be on-trend, you can make a personal fashion statement with an unusual bespoke designed bracelet, necklace or ring. Individuality has always been in vogue and if you choose carefully, you could even find yourself on the forefront of the latest spring fashions for 2020.
  • Hoops on Hoops Earrings – Although they’re not at the forefront of the spring fashion catwalk at the time of writing, Hoops on Hoops earrings will gain popularity very soon. Combining 2 or more pairs of earrings will surely gain the interest of other likeminded fashionistas in Spring 2020.

There’s no time like the present – start looking for jewellery that will complement your personal style this spring.

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