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Buying ED Drugs Online: What’s the Risk?

Erectile dysfunction, a condition that defines a man’s inability to maintain a sustainable erection for sexual intercourse, can be an outcome of various physical and mental issues. It is actually a symptom that may have long-lasting impacts on a man’s life, causing anxiety, decreased sex desires, etc. 

If you are roaming around for pills online to cure ED, think twice before going with a product. Some websites promise to deliver the customers with natural ‘dietary supplements’ and sell ED pills no prescription that may make you vulnerable to different health issues. These pills may include some dangerous constituents that may cause severe health problems within no time! 

Risks of Buying ED Pills Online

If you are buying ED drugs online with no prescription, hold on for a while and count on the risks associated with buying from such unauthorized sources. 

Some of the risks involved are:

  • The pills sold online to treat erectile dysfunction may make you prey on their advertising gimmicks and may not be as effective as they appear. Some even incorporate sildenafil, a prescription drug of Viagra. 
  • Some companies sell pills containing clomiphene, a drug specified for infertility, antibiotics like metronidazole, etc. They sell them in the guise of natural dietary supplements. 
  • These drugs sold online are not certified. Hence, even if the manufacturers include the exact components, they may fail to deliver the right amount of strength in each dose. 
  • Buying medicines online from an unauthorized seller may make you purchase spurious drugs. You may end up buying fake drugs that are not even compatible with the criteria for treating erectile dysfunction issues and cause other health problems. Some pills may contain elements that are harmful to your health. 
  • You may consider going through the labels of the drugs before confirming to buy them. But according to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), some of the ED pills sold online may not even mention the harmful ingredients they contain on the labels.
  • The drugs specified for treating erectile dysfunction may have some after-effects associated with them. When you buy them online without a prescription from an authorized practitioner, you may not get the necessary information about the side effects you need to know. 
  • If you have other health issues like cardiovascular problems and consume ED pills without consulting with your doctor, you may suffer from severe after-effects. For example, taking Ed pills containing hidden sildenafil together with nitrate drugs can lower your blood pressure drastically. These pills exhibit severe after-effects while interacting with other medicines like blood thinners, alpha-blockers, etc. Buying from a non-prescribed ED drug online can make you suffer from severe health issues.

Buying Safely Online

Never buy ED drugs online without consulting an authorized practitioner. If you are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and buying the prescribed drugs online is the only viable option for you, consider the following factors:

  • Always buy from a legitimate online store.
  • Ensure getting the same medicine with proper doses according to your prescription.