What Type Of Relationship Do You Need?

If your relationships with a woman don’t find success, maybe the reason is not bad karma. Maybe you just don’t know what you want from these relationships, or just lie to yourself. Let’s review some types of commitment to make you decide on what you need.

You want to be exclusive

If you are sure that you want to be the only man in these relationships, then you need to be in a monogamous relationship. The same goes for your expectations for a girlfriend. If you can’t bear the idea of switching partners or being infidel, you have a classic view. It’s well perceived by society and is the most serious and long-lived. Because mass media and parents vote for monogamy, these types of relationships are viewed as the only right and healthy. But it’s not true, and as an adult person, you need to understand that. Monogamy is good because it’s stable and predictable. You can feel secure and loved because both partners are sure they are exclusive and can build a future together. The main disadvantage of such a relationship is, again, predictability and hardship. You need to work and make an effort to stay in a relationship.

Intimacy with one partner is boring for you

It’s a common thing in monogamous relationships where partners become too predictable, and even their intimate relationships become routine. Some people decide to set for an open relationship. In this type of “commitment,” partners are free to choose who they sleep with. And it only applies to sex. Emotionally-wise, they stay exclusive and the main priority for each other. Sometimes couples do that to spice up their boring life when the honeymoon phase in relationships is already gone. One more reason why couples choose an open relationship is different libido when one partner constantly needs intimacy, but the other one is cool without having it that often. Open relationships should be only between two adults who consent to it. In other ways, it can be considered cheating and abuse.

There is a woman you like, but you both don’t need commitment

In other terms, this can be called “friends with benefits.” You can spend a night together and stay friends during the day. It’s a good way to receive support and satisfy your needs without going through complications of a normal relationship, such as responsibilities or feelings. The main thing you should settle and understand is that you both consent to it, you both understand your status for each other and no one is being friend-zoned. This situation often has one flaw – it’s too easy to catch feelings for each other and usually, sooner or later, one of you will be crushing hard on another.

You need maximum predictability

For those who like to control everything up to detail, contact relationships are the answer. This includes not only singing up a prenup. It can be about lots of things: how your budget goes, what are your chores, what do you do in case of a fight, how much time you spend with each other. This contact doesn’t have to be signed up in court, of course. It’s a very detailed way to talk about all the issues before they arise and make sure everything is stable. This contract won’t make you 100% sure if you have trust issues, though.

You don’t want to share your life with anyone

Maybe you are not interested in relationships at this point in time. Maybe you have other issues with work or other spheres. It can be that you try to make a good coin, invest in a house or move. But it doesn’t stop you from spending a day or a night in a good company. That’s why people invented the “no strings attached” motion. The only thing you need to do is make sure the girl knows your point of view before she falls in love. Additionally, you need to remember that doesn’t owe you anything too.