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BuyArtJewels – Best Online Store for Thin Diamond Bands

Locked at home have you been lately looking for a perfect online store to shop a thin diamond band or a minimalist wedding ring? It’s quite possible that the various online stores with their various offerings might have confused you instead of helping you. Well, here we are to help you out!

Wouldn’t it be great if we told you that you’ve got an online store where you can be rest assured of receiving top quality diamond bands that too at the most economical price? It may be too good to believe, but that’s how thin diamond bands from BuyArtJewels are. You can refer to the amazing reviews of their existing customers to confirm. Their commitment to serve their customers with the best accessories in the market has only got stronger and if you become their customer, you could experience that too!

Here are some reasons to help you logically decide, why BuyArtJewels would be the perfect online store for shopping for thin diamond bands or minimalist wedding rings.

Handpicked White Diamonds

Let’s start with the basics. A fundamental criterion of choosing the right jewelry is choice of diamond. At BuyArtJewels, the diamonds are handpicked to perfection. Each diamond is selected with the accurate color and clarity to keep the lustre of your rings alive! A jewelry authenticity certificate is provided along with each piece to validate the quality of diamonds used. 

This is a 14k sirene diamond wedding ring from their collection of minimalist wedding rings. Just look at those dazzling marquise and round cut diamonds arranged alternatively!

Dainty and Trendy Designs of Thin Diamond Bands

Post the choice of diamond, comes design and detailing. We won’t say much but if you check out the collection of thin diamond bands or minimalist wedding bands, you’ll simply love it! The dainty designs may just make you skip a beat.

Customization at its Best!

If you like a certain design of a thin diamond band but wish to get a personalized touch, they’ve got your back! At BuyArtJewels you get jewelry customized as per your requirements. For example, in the sirene diamond wedding band shown above, if you wish to get it embellished with pink sapphire, you’re on! Have a look below:

This is a 14k Sirene pink sapphire wedding band from the same collection. In this the marquise cut diamonds have been replaced by pink sapphire.

Even if you wish to get Ruby or Emerald or Blue Sapphire instead of the Pink Sapphire, they can do that too. Also, the ring can be made in Rose Gold, White Gold or Yellow Gold, as you may like! In all, you’ll be impressed by our customization options. And it’s not just about design, it’s also about ring-resizing and maintenance which you get free for lifetime!

Affordable Jewelry Prices

BuyArtJewels is committed to providing high quality jewelry at an economic price. You can choose any minimalist wedding band from their collection and compare its price from similar rings available at other online stores like Mejuri, James Allen and Brilliant Earth. Then you can come back and purchase it from BuyArtJewels because, here you get the best price, always.

Here’s a comparison chart of a micro pave diamond wedding band from BuyArtJewels and other brands selling a similar design. 

BuyArtJewels Mejuri James Allen Brilliant Earth
Price of Micro Pave Diamond Band (14k)  $182.99


(Diamond carat: 0.17)



(Diamond carat: 0.15)



(Diamond carat: 0.20)



(Diamond carat: 0.16)


Free Engraving

Here’s another reason for you to choose BuyArtJewels. Get up to 20 characters engraved for free on your wedding band and make the accessory more special. This is an exclusive service that they provide to their customers and they love it. Try it and you’ll love it too!

Shop and Experience!

You’d agree that these reasons make BuyArtJewels an ideal online store for you if you’re looking to purchase thin diamond bands. Trust of their customers is what they’ve gained since their inception and their quality and pricing sets them apart. Hope this information is useful for you. Check out other collections of jewelry at BuyArtJewels too and make the right choice.