Why Rubber Watch Bands Are Better For Luxury Watches

The worth of most luxury watches lies in their craftsmanship. You will reckon that in the past, owning a wristwatch was crucial to keeping track of time. However, with the advancement in technology, a wristwatch does a lot more than track your time. Our technology-driven world has shown that you can keep in touch with your friends, monitor your fitness exercises, and also schedule your meetings using a wristwatch whose rubber watch bands allow it to sit well on your wrist. Why should buy a rubber watch straps?

Unfortunately, these features are mostly available in luxury watches that incorporate digital technology in their craftsmanship. You may elect to call them ‘smartwatches.’ Regardless, you can trust the quality of luxury watches as much as you can rely on the durability of their watch bands. Inarguably, the leather straps of most luxury watches are comfortable for your skin, with a natural style that compliments your outfit. However, the natural uniqueness it promises goes contrary to the advocacy for the preservation of the animal species. 

Besides, the leather straps are not convenient if you have an active life because the sweat from engaging in activities will leave an odor on the leather. Hence, most luxury brands such as Rolex, Audemar Piguet, among others, made rubber watch band designs after the Baselworld 1980. The first company however to take the initiative was the Hublot company. The rubber watchband should be a priority for you if, like a luxury watch enthusiast, you are interested in using watches specifically designed to suit your active life or you are keen on the preservation of animal rights.

Benefits of rubber watch bands for luxury watches

There are a lot of benefits that come with using rubber watch bands for luxury watches. Some include.


Rubber watch bands come in multiple sizes and can fit a range of activities including adventures. The fact that rubber watch bands can withstand any climate condition makes them suitable for extreme sports. Most luxury watch users have an active lifestyle and this makes it more preferable than the luxury watches that have a leather strap. This is because, with rubber watch bands, they can take their watches wherever they go, whether to a client meeting or a diving exercise.

Further, using a rubber strap affords luxury watch brands the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors that suit your preference and illuminate your personality. It offers endless possibilities as to the design patterns the manufacturers can provide to complement your fashion style. 

Comfortable on the skin

You can wear a rubber watch band for a long period without experiencing any discomfort, even in extreme climate conditions. This feature makes it skin-friendly and where luxury watches adopt this strap material, the manufacturers, beyond making a profit, also stand the chance to protect their customers from skin irritation. It goes without saying that the thin and lightweight profile of rubber watch bands makes them even more attractive. 


One of the major concerns in getting a wristwatch is how long it will last. Commendably, luxurious watches last long owing to the high-quality material used in their production. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have rubber watch bands attached to luxury watches because this will further extend the lifespan of the wristwatch. For users with an active lifestyle, you can use your luxury watch to the pool, a basketball game, or even soccer without having to worry about it getting damaged. In addition, the water-resistant nature of rubber watch bands protects the wristwatch from absorbing sweat that would ordinarily cause damage to it. 

Ease of Maintenance

For luxury watches to outlive their owners, they must be properly taken care of, but no matter how careful you may be with your luxury watch, it will still likely wear off over time. Nonetheless, with rubber watch bands, it is easier to maintain your luxury watch. The only cleansing agent you need to remove the dirt from your rubber strap is clean water and dry cloth. It is important to add that you do not need to contact the manufacturers of your luxury watch as often as would be expected if the luxury watch has to be dismantled before being cleaned. In other words, the designs are so simple that it provides a more convenient way of maintaining your luxury watch. In addition, it saves you the stress of avoiding contact with water or other forms of liquid out of the fear of damage or loss.


The world has migrated from those times when using rubber watchbands was seen as tacky. Nowadays, it has become a popular trend in the luxury industry. You can ascribe this to the production of high-performance natural rubber which most luxurious watch manufacturers conveniently adapt to suit the demands of their customer base. Moreover, some rubber materials, including silicone rubber are eco-friendly. Hence, if in search of a reliable legacy item for your future generation, then a luxury watch with rubber watch bands is the best fit.