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Why You Constantly Want to Sleep: 10 Possible Reasons

The onset of the morning makes you moan for a long time and you cannot wake up even after a litre of strong coffee. During the day you are constantly looking for a way to take a nap. It is worth understanding why this happens, and what is the reason for such permanent drowsiness.

Not Enough Vitamin D

The main symptoms are chronic fatigue, inability to concentrate and constant drowsiness. Actually, residents of big cities should take this vitamin in capsules or drops throughout the year: at any age and in the dosage prescribed by the doctor.

Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency leads to a decrease in the level of haemoglobin in the blood and, as a result, to anaemia. If this is your case, you should reconsider your diet – a lot of iron is found in apples, liver, beef, spinach and dark chocolate.

Apnea During Sleep

Respiratory arrests can happen to everyone, but at risk are people who are overweight and have bad habits. Frequent cases of involuntary sleep apnea lead to a severe deterioration in the blood supply to the brain. Sleep on your side, quit smoking and drinking at night, and exercise to lose weight.

Also when we talk about good night’s sleep it would be better to restrain yourself from exposing yourself to computer or smartphone screens. This is especially common among players and gamblers. When you play different slots and table games at Woo Casino make sure you do not exhaust yourself at night. Rest your eyes and body alongside as well.

Restless Leg Syndrome

An inability to sit still or lie in bed can be caused by diabetes, arthritis, or gout. These diseases, in turn, can be triggered by other causes – and you need to deal with them all one by one. Are your legs constantly moving and not letting you sleep peacefully? Go urgently to the doctor.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Autumn, winter and spring are traditional times for pseudo-depressions and mental disorders. The state of tearfulness and depression, melancholy and despondency cannot be ignored. However, there is good news. With an increase in daylight hours and the appearance of sunlight, all symptoms are relieved as if by hand. If seasonal dullness prevents you from getting enough sleep, walk more often in the fresh air, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.


Depression is a disease, it is not shameful and it is treated. Every second person with depression is unaware of the disease – if you have no strength for anything and constantly want to sleep, consult a doctor. No need to be scared, but you definitely shouldn’t hesitate.

Lower Blood Pressure

Hypotension can occur with a large amount of blood lost, with prolonged stress or malnutrition, with a change in weather. You need to reconsider your lifestyle, get rid of bad habits and follow the daily routine.

Hormonal Imbalance of the Body

The endocrine system can start to malfunction for a variety of reasons – in women, the hormonal background, in general, is constantly changing depending on the day of the cycle. Diseases of the thyroid or adrenal glands can be a serious problem, and drowsiness is just one of the symptoms. The doctor should establish the causes of the imbalance after prescribing tests.

Seasonal Infectious Diseases

Everyone has long known that the best way to cure a cold or any other infection is to get enough sleep. No need to try to be a hero, it will not be better for you or your loved ones. If you have the flu, go to bed and try to sleep. Then catch up on work.

Side Effects of Some Drugs

The doctor who prescribes them should warn you about drowsiness as a side effect of taking certain drugs – and this is always written in the instructions. It is worth accustoming yourself to always read them in full every time you open a new pack of medicine.