Your 2021 Jewelry Guide

No look is complete without a stylish piece of jewelry. From chunky hoop earrings to a delicate diamond necklace, choosing the right pieces of jewelry to style with your favorite outfit is the key to elevating your look. You can get such jewelries from

Within the past year, we’ve seen countless new jewellery trends and styles presented on virtual runways. So, princess cut earrings are also very trendy and beautiful. It will give a classy look to your perfect outfit. In 2021, when showcasing your professionalism and ambition through virtual communication is more important than ever, here are 10 trends that will instantly transform your Zoom look.

Statement Pieces

While statement jewelry isn’t a new trend, it’s evolving even further in 2021. During fall and winter 2020, chunky necklaces and oversized hoops and chains were in trend, with runways showcasing heavy metal jewelry pieces paired with simple, minimal outfits. In spring 20201, hardware, chains, and hoops will become more popular, with whimsical necklaces, oversized bracelets, and even bigger hoops.

Layered Pearls

If the statement jewelry trend stands out to you, but you’re not ready to replace your current jewelry collection with chunky metal chains and hoops, consider trying one of this year’s more timeless trends — pearl necklaces. In spring 2020, pearls became one of the best sellers in the jewelry industry.

Instead of traditional dainty pearls, 2021 will feature mismatched pearls like those seen on runways. Above all else, when it comes to styling your favorite pearl necklace, don’t forget to layer.

Spherical Pieces

For the past few seasons, we’ve consistently seen the same jewelry trends, from chains and silver necklaces to hardware-like pieces. It comes as no surprise that a culmination of past-season trends has led to this year’s newest trend: spherical pieces. Heavy-metal, spherical elements can be incorporated into any piece, from chokers and pendants to brooches and bangles, making them versatile and easy-to-style.

Pendant Necklaces

Although ’90s chokers have dominated past seasons, long pendant necklaces are making a comeback this year. Long, sterling-silver diamond necklaces are perfect for styling over T-shirts, blouses, and sweaters. Meanwhile, try layering gemstone necklaces over a plain T-shirt for a clean, contemporary look.

Wishbone Earrings

Within the past year, wishbone earrings have emerged as a popular design. Wishbone earrings are available in a wide range of styles, making them the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Whether you’re looking for threader earrings with a delicate design or a chunkier alternative, pairing a gold necklace or bracelet with matching wishbone earrings can instantly elevate your look.

Textured Metals

Contrary to popular belief, metal doesn’t always need a smooth, sleek finish to stand out. In 2021, hammering gold, sterling silver, and brass can a unique twist to simple outfits and bring cohesion to more eclectic looks.

Although hammering has been used for centuries across the world, more and more designers are incorporating this technique into their collections. As a result, textured metals are set to steal the spotlight in spring 2021.

Beach-Themed Pieces

With most of us still stuck at home due to travel restrictions, there’s no surprise that beach-themed pieces are back in trend. For spring and summer 2021, several designers have released beach-themed jewelry collections, with pieces ranging from neon chokers to pearls and coffee bean shell necklaces. While it might be a few months until we can travel safely, we can satisfy our beach cravings with vibrant jewelry.

Handbag-Inspired Jewelry

In spring 2018, French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus released Le Chiquito, a handbag so small it could only fit an ID, credit card, and lipstick. Within the past few years, designers have continued to reduce its size, making it less functional as a handbag and more of a piece of jewelry.

In 2021, more designers in the United States are presenting pendants and jewels reminiscent of Le Chiquito, while others have turned handbag-inspired to brooches and necklaces.

Mismatched Earrings

Ever since Harry Styles showcased his single pearl earring at the Met Gala in 2019, solo earrings have become a widespread trend. With so many abstract single earrings designs, mismatched earrings are growing more popular on the runway as an easy way to add flair to a simple outfit.

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, shopping this year’s top jewelry trends can help you elevate any look with ease.