7 Top Ways To Wear Sneakers With Dress

Everywoman has tried the combination between sneakers and dresses at least once in her life. A few outfits need to be put together before any girl finds her perfect sneakers and dresс look. There are some classic outfits that you absolutely need to go for to find yourself in this look like the mini floral dress and the white classical sneakers or the casual and yet sexy black dress with high Converse sneakers that are so comfortable the style might win over just with the comfort points. Nevertheless, today we are going to look around and select the top 7 best choices for an outfit with sneakers and dresses. So hold on to your hat, and pay attention, as  you will explore more than just the classic sneakers and dresses. Additionally, you will add some new styles into your wardrobe which is alway super exciting. 

Let’s get started now and we will let you be the judge of all the ideas you want to undertake for your next street style. 

The Floral Dress and the Classic White Sneakers

Floral print is so popular and trendy right now it can’t be limited to dresses alone. However, for the sake of our main point here we need to say that dresses with prints are reaching new hits this summer. From mini to maxi length size floral prints are basically everywhere and made by every designer. Here is an important tip to remember if you are going for the floral dress- sneakers outfit avoid dresses with long sleeves. Adding the longer sleeves makes the dress more formal and these tips of clothing will be a much better fit for a pair of lovely sandals. Short or mid length sleeves are the perfect fit for an outfit with white classic sneakers. 

The Casual Black Dress & Converse Sneakers 

The long casual, sleeveless black dress is super comfortable, versatile and makes you appear thinner and taller at the same time. Cool, right? The dress looks top notch with a pair of high Converse sneakers and a few pieces of gold jewelry to put some glamour into your look. 

Here is one piece of advice if you haven’t got a pair of Converse high by now then go for Converse’s latest collection of high sneakers called Run Star. The Black Converse Run Star is a little more chunky and edgy and it will give a more sporty and chic look for your next all-black outfit. 

The Slip on Dress and the Light Colored Sneakers 

Yes, this is a bold look and not everyone has the guts to go for it. The dress is so delicate and sexy and with the wrong shoes you can just ruin everything. Be careful not to mix many colors but if you want something more fun and you are tired of your white sneakers and try the light colored ones with a dress of a similar color. Remember, if you have a red slip-on dress you can use your purple runners, however if you have a blue dress you can use your light blue sneakers in a combo. If you put on a white t-shirt below the dress for this outfit you will look even better. 

Back To Basics Outfit 

IF you are in the mood for something fresh and fine, something that takes you back in time, then just take a look at your old high school uniform and try to recreate the look with sneakers and more modern patterns and silhouettes. Use pastel colors for your outfit, they are super hot right now and you can also add a cross over body to sustain the idea of comfort and casualty. 

The Crossover Dress & Chunky Sneakers 

Eurika, it works! Two items that are usually considered to separate standing points. But together they make miracles happen. The right pair of chunky sneakers can be put together with so many outfits and additionally sit together with a lovely crossbody dress perfectly. Honestly, out of all the above mentioned this one is perhaps one of the most magical outfit ideas of dresses and sneakers. 

Puff Sleeves Dress and Platform Sneakers 

The puff sleeves are a big hit right now and they do look super fresh and add a certain appeal to your outfit. Nevertheless, they do have one downside associated with them, the dress silhouette might make you look shorter if you want to fix that use you need to match the puff sleeves with platform sneakers. The material and the shape of the platform sneakers usually make us think  that the kicks will look better with a more sportier outfit but this style is fantastic for a summer night walk, picnic and even to go to a new hip bar. 

The Shirt Dress and Leather Sneakers. 

When the weather gets too hot it is time to pull out of your closet the shirt dress. Grab the super comfy and light dress and add a belt to your outfit as belts are back this season and put on your favourite leather sneakers. The material of the shirt dress won’t outshine the shoes as they are usually simple and gentle, which is why the leather sneakers go so well with this outfit.  

Dresses and sneakers are a match made in heaven for those warm summer days. It might take a few tries to find the right look for you, but if you follow our tips you’ll find your new favorite style in no time. Don’t be afraid to mix up the classic looks with something more out of your comfort zone, you might be surprised at what looks best!