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Changes To Make Around Your Home To Improve Your Health

Your home is incredibly important to both your physical and mental wellbeing, it may seem odd, but the décor and design of your home can have a big impact on your health, so you may unknowingly be hurting your health with how your home is currently set up.

So today, to help you get the most of your home and your wellbeing, we’ll look at some simple changes you can make around your home in order to help improve your physical and mental health this year.

Improve Your Sleep With Blackouts

Sleep is incredibly important to your physical and mental health and regularly having poor sleep can lead to various ailments, from small things like brain fog and fatigue, all the way to more serious issues like increased likelihood of heart disease, weight gain and even diabetes, so needless to say, not getting enough sleep is bad for you.

One thing that often disrupts sleep is light, whether it’s coming from your home or light pollution from the outdoors, light can disrupt your sleep and make it harder for you to fall asleep at night, so swapping your bedroom curtains for a large blind made out of blackout material will help cut off light and create a darker environment better suited to sleeping in, which allows you to reap the health rewards of a good night’s sleep.

Boost Your Wellbeing With Houseplants

Having plants in your home creates a nice look as you invite nature into your home, but did you also know that having houseplants in your home can help improve your mental wellbeing as well as be helpful towards your health? Plants can do a lot of things for you, like collecting dust from the air, purifying the air in your home and can even affect your mood?

You’ll want to research what plants do what based on your health needs, but for example: plants like Philodendrons can collect dust from the air which is helpful for asthmatics; plants like ZZ plants or Calatheas can purify the air in your home and plants like cacti or succulents can help promote relaxation.

Kill Stress With Relaxing Scents

Stress can be a killer, if you’re regularly stressed from work or your personal life, you’re at higher risk of many ailments and illnesses from heart disease, diabetes, headaches and even Alzheimer’s disease, so it’s safe to say stress is bad for you and you should try to avoid it.

However, it’s not always practical to avoid things that stress you, for example if you’re stressed from work, you still need to work to earn money and live. So you should look to encourage relaxation at home by using calming scents from diffusers or essential oils to cut down on the levels of stress you’re under and allow your body to recover from the stress it has been under.

There you have three simple tasks you can undertake in your home in order to use your décor to improve your physical and mental health, which will help you live a healthy and wellbeing-conscious life and be the best you possible.