4 Advantages In Using PDF Bear

PDFs are still one of the document types that we still use today; even though it has been around for years now, it’s still prominent, especially for students and professionals. Whether you are trying to access a contract or an eBook, it’ll probably be in the form of a PDF. To access these files, you need to have a PDF reader on your computer.

Many PDF readers are available online, and some can even cost you a thousand dollars a year. Right now, we will introduce you to one of the best PDF reader available online. I’m talking about PDFBear, which is a free online PDF Reader and converter.

Easy to Use

PDFBear is a user-friendly tool, which most of us would love. Even those who are not familiar with such tools would find it easy to use.

You wouldn’t have any issues exploring through the website as it was designed in a way that most people would understand, and you can easily manage your PDF file in just a few clicks.

Satisfy Your Needs

It’s like your one-stop-shop on where everything about your PDF needs is already available. We always want to do things where we don’t have to go to different places to get it done, and PDFBear will provide that to you. There are countless file formats that you can convert from and to. Whether you want your PPT, Excel or Word converted, PDFBear can do that for you.

Protection and Security

Don’t worry about your data security as PDFbear comes with an advanced security feature and keeps your file secure. PDFBear will automatically delete your file after you finish working with it. Accessibility of the tool is also not an issue as t works in most computer operating systems. You can also access it anytime as long as you are connected on the internet.

It doesn’t take rocket science to protect your file. Just follow three things; you can quickly secure your file with these simple steps.

You start with choosing the file you want to be encrypted, then the file gets uploaded on the site, and then it will show you to input a password twice, then click on the encrypt PDF button, then you’re done!

Cloud System

What is a cloud system? It refers to online servers that you can access as long as you have an internet connection. It works like digital external storage where you can store any file or data without compromising your hard drives storage capacity. By using a cloud system, users don’t have to worry about managing their physical servers. It’s all thanks to the cloud.

The good thing is, the cloud system is available in PDF Bear, so you don’t have to worry about your storage limit as the website will not use even a bit of your hard drives storage capacity. With that, using the different tools, saving and downloading your output is seamless.


These are not the sole reason why PDF bear is considered one of the best sites to help you with your PDF files, but to name a few. With this site, you can do multiple things under a minute. PDF Bear is a reliable tool that you can look on the internet, and it already offers all your PDF needs. You can repair, convert, compress, rotate, and a lot more.

A couple of highlights you don’t want to miss the written instructions they have included in converting files from one type to another.

It ensures that new users or beginners will be guided on how to do certain functions and won’t have to encounter issues while doing it.