4 Romantic Last Minute Trips to Take This Valentines Day

It’s entirely possible to please your partner with a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates, but will you really excite them? These stereotypical Valentine’s Day gifts are designed to be a token of love and affection, but they fall short in the “wow” department.

If you really want to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day, be bold, get inspired and snatch up a last minute travel deal from a website like Travelzoo, which constantly posts luxury travel experience at fantastic deal prices. Have a phone ready, though, because the look on their face when you tell them to pack their bags for a last-minute romantic getaway will be worth capturing!

That only leaves one question: where should you go? There are romantic spots dotting the globe, but to get you started thinking about it, here are a few tried-and-tested romantic trips to consider, each frequently available as last minute travel options from Travelzoo.

Southern Europe

Fewer places on earth inspire quite the same wide-eyed romanticism as Southern Europe. There’s just something about the blueness of the Mediterranean, the ramshackle architecture of the region’s ancient cities and the rolling interior hills that scream “romance”.

You can’t go wrong with Rome, with its historical buildings and sumptuous gastronomic offerings. The Spanish Canary Islands are another fantastic choice – the pristine beaches and relative isolation make it great for couples craving some beauty and privacy. Or check out Barcelona, whose mix of fun house Gaudi architecture and dazzling beaches are the best of both worlds.

Or, of course, for a “best hit” of Southern Europe, just book a cruise!

The Caribbean

The many islands of the Caribbean afford couples the opportunity for both relaxation and unfettered excitement. Relax on one of the thousands of palm-fringed beaches, or take part in an exhilarating activity like hand gliding. Lounge by the pool with a stiff cocktail, or join a guided food tour in one of the region’s vibrant cities. The Caribbean is ready for whatever speed you want to go.

Tour the sultry, lively streets of Havana, where old American cars roam and vendors hawk their wares to the beat of street-corner musicians. Dig your heels into the volcanic, white sands of Saint Lucia before you tour the country’s buzzing interior rainforest. Or book an all-inclusive resort in sunny Jamaica, and just spend a week pampering yourselves.

North America’s Wine Countries

Closer to home, but every bit as romantic and exciting, North America’s wine countries are a fantastic option for last-minute Valentine’s Day trips. Wine has long-been associated with romance, and these destinations offer up some of the best vino the world has to offer.

Head to Niagara for a stellar wine tour, before experiencing the breathtaking beauty of the titular Falls. Tour the Napa Valley and Sonoma County for some world-class wine under the bright California sun. Or visit British Columbia’s Okanogan Valley, where you can follow your wine tour with a couple days hiking or skiing in the surrounding mountains.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t just settle for a bouquet of roses. Visit the Travelzoo website and get inspired to book a last minute deal to one of these fantastic, romantic destinations.