4 Things You Should Always Bring Along on a Road Trip

A road trip is a fantastic opportunity to feel the wind in your hair, play your favorite music with the windows rolled down, and take on a spontaneous adventure.

You’re the pilot of your own trip, and you don’t have to answer to anyone else’s timeline. No waiting at gates, or checking your luggage. Not only is it an opportunity for flexible travel on your own terms, but it’s considerably cheaper than other forms of transportation.

However, road trips can quickly go wrong if you’re not prepared. It’s important to bring along the essentials. Here are some of the most critical items to always make sure you bring along when you hit the road.

Emergency Car Kit

You never know when you may need a spare, or even get into an accident, Having an emergency roadside kit will ensure that you’re prepared for the worst. Try to think of all of the possible scenarios that you could find yourself in.

By thinking ahead, you can make sure that you have everything from jumper cables to flares. You may not even need anything in your emergency kit in the end. However, it’s worth the peace of mind knowing it’s there if you need it.

A Garbage Receptacle

Don’t turn your car into a rolling garbage can. It’s important to have a place to put all of your garbage. Although a plastic bag is practical and does the trick, it can easily knock over or spill all over your floor.

You may want to consider installing a real garbage can in your car so that you can throw your waste in there without worrying about it getting everywhere.

Sunshade / Windshield Scraper

You never know what kind of weather you’re going to hit depending on the time of year and location that you’re traveling to. It’s helpful to know that you’ve got the proper tools to ward off the effects of the weather on your car.

In scorching heat, a few moments parked under the sun while you step out to enjoy the scenery could turn your car into a microwave oven. You’re better off leaving your windshield protected with a sunshade.

The same goes for cold weather conditions. It may get so cold that your windows and windshield are packed with ice and snow. A snow scraper will ensure that it stays clear.

Baby Wipes

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Sometimes you may have to go on the side of the road with no toilets anywhere near you. Baby wipes come in handy for doing your business in nature without running water.

Just make sure that you put your used baby wipes in a plastic bag to deposit in the closest trash can. Littering isn’t a part of the program!