Clothing Ideas for Colder Weather

When the winter comes around everyone reaches for their trusty jumpers, coats and boots. It’s not just the cold that we don’t like, but the damp and wet weather that comes with it, and the gloomy prospect of having to tackle the weather to go to and from work, to the shops, or even for a night out! But what if you’re tired of the same old coat coming out each year? Or perhaps your favourite jumpers are looking a little threadbare now, and you want to renew your winter wardrobe? Where do you go to find the best winter clothing ideas?

Well, you’re in the right place to start with, as we have some ideas that you might want to check out. We’ve looked at all areas of a man’s wardrobe to try and cover every angle, but there’s bound to be something we missed! To begin with, have a look at some of the following ideas and you can’t go wrong!

Jeans in Winter

One of the great things about jeans is that they are wearable in every season. You can pair your favourite jeans with your winter outfit no problem, and you will still look the part. The problem is deciding what to wear with them! If you’re going for a few drinks with your friends, what you need is a great pair of boots, and either an overcoat or that winter classic – the leather jacket!

This timeless combination will make sure you not only look great, but you are warm and protected from the rain. But that question remains: leather, or overcoat? The choice is yours, but here’s our advice: if you are going for your usual look, to meet friends in a casual situation, go for the leather jacket. It’s cool, it’s you and it’s the perfect choice. If you want to look a touch smarter – perhaps you’re attending a work social – then you can’t go wrong with a smart, traditional overcoat, which will keep you warm and dry too.

Winter Suits

A major problem can be finding a suit that is suitable for winter use. Your usual business suit won’t give you the warmth you need, so what’s the answer? It could be the tweed suit which, in the past couple of years, has undergone something of a renaissance. Tweed is very much in – the English Country Gent look is one for the moment – and it is a great choice for winter suits. If you want some ideas as to what’s on offer, check this website, and you’ll see there is a lot of variety in the tweed suit for your inspiration.

You may also want to invest in a coat to go with your tweed suit, as it can get very cold in the bleakest parts of the season. A full-length overcoat that gives you added protection will look the part as well as doing the job. And the final accessory? Another item that has made a comeback recently is the traditional peaked cap – thanks in no small part to the smash-hit TV series ‘Peaky Blinders’ – and it makes for an excellent addition to the tweed suit outfit.

Footwear for Winter

Keeping your feet warm during the cold and snowy walk to your destination is vital, and the best option for footwear is of course a good pair of boots! Now, you may have your own worn in favourite pair – who doesn’t have a treasured pair of boots – and if so, it’s what you wear inside them that matters! A strong pair of woollen socks can’t be beaten and, in fact, socks are something of a fashion item this year, with some great designs that will look the part as well as amusing you.

If you don’t have a pair of boots, to go with your leather jacket you should wear a pair of leather Chelsea boots, a classic combination if ever there was one. With your tweed suit, a pair of brogues in a matching colour will do the trick, but make sure it’s not too deep out there, and perhaps wear your boots for the walk.

Winter can be an enjoyable season, especially if you look good, so happy shopping and enjoy the festive season!