Airport Style Do’s and Don’ts | What to Bring on a Flight and What to Forget at Home?

The airport look of celebrities catches the attention of paparazzi and fashion magazines since it always has something to contribute in terms of comfort without losing style. The ideal set for traveling is a fixed fabric trouser, not too tight, with a wide shirt in some fabric that is pleasant to the touch. Being in touch with a noble style makes us feel good at all times.

In the matter of footwear, the idea is to wear something flat with a soft sole or base. The shoes are also allowed since there is variety in the market to find something arranged without seeming that you just left the gym. Although when traveling in summer it is important to wear a jersey or medium poncho, especially if you are often feeling cold. Do not trust the blankets of the airlines because there are flights that do not offer them.

If you travel in winter or to a destination where it is cold the idea is to wear a coat with many pockets in which you can quickly put everything you need. Dismiss feather jackets or large cloth covers on stiff and heavy fabrics because they are not easy to maneuver or store in aircraft compartments. If you are coming back from vacation you can opt for a sporty chic look. The key is in black tights with a cotton composition and not so much polyester or lycra. They are much more comfortable and easier to move in.

On Hand

For that day, the bag or purse you choose is also essential. Advisors recommend something that allows you to take everything you need from the water to the book you are reading. Zero Halliburton rolling and aluminum briefcases are chosen by many not only for the tasteful look and lifelong service but also for the handy usage.

Remember that it is important to have the passport, the tickets or the necessary documents when you travel at the hand reach at any moment. When you decide to invest in a suitcase, look for the one that has reinforced a set of handles so that you can have a comfortable grip, especially when you need to lift it.

We also suggest you bring as you personal luggage a mini hand and moisturizing face cream because the skin dries out during the flight. It can be replaced by thermal water that is also easy to apply. Also, bring thin stockings or light socks and medications (if you need them) especially for long trips.

Some disposable baby tissues and inflatable mask or pillow in case of long flights never hurt anyone. If you are traveling with your beloved fluffy friend, then do not forget to bring appropriate pet accessories so that both of you can enjoy traveling in the best way. You should also consider investing in Bivvy pet insurance before going on your trip, so you can be certain your pet stays safe and healthy.

Things That Are Better Left at Home

Avoid tight trousers for long flights, as the hours go by they can become uncomfortable. In the flight, the body tends to swell and we need to flex the legs so that the blood circulates better. Very bright garments, especially white pants or their derivatives can get dirty very easily. This can make you look scruffy and cause unnecessary stress.

If you just have to travel in a white outlook, bring extra clothing to easily change it before any complication or accident. Keep in mind that materials such as linen and the trendy crepe poplin are the first to wrinkle. Therefore, if you have a tight flight schedule and you go straight to a meeting you can get a little misaligned. Shirts with a rigid polo collar are uncomfortable to sleep as well as most other well-fitting clothing.

Pay attention if you need to sleep during the flight that you always bring something wide and comfortable that can easily be changed for better sleep. Loose hair is easily greased and if you have an abundant hair it is not good to rub the hair to the passenger seat.

Remember to always have to put the right makeup. As the hours go by the makeup deteriorates, it is better to wear a light base and a lip balm and when you arrive at your destination, finish giving the final touch.

In Conclusion

Bringing unnecessary stuff on a flight can be more stress than enjoyment. It is very important that you go with the lightest luggage possible and only wear necessities for that particular trip. Avoid accessories as much as possible. The less jewelry you wear, the better.

Think before you sit on the plane that you must pass security checks at the airport. It is really tedious to have to remove all the accessories before each check and put them back on again. Pay attention to that and you will gain some additional time and the sympathy of those who wait for their turn.

Ah! And I forgot, do not neglect the underwear, we always think about how to dress on the outside to travel and we forget a garment that is in direct contact with our body. It is very important that you do not rub, scratch, or irritate indiscriminately or you will spend the entire flight cursing yourself.